Real time interaction fully penetrates into the industry, enabling the industry to open the “cloud” life era


Real time interaction fully penetrates into the industry, enabling the industry to open the

Today, whether it’s video calling, online classroom, VR tourism or team driving, we are used to the intelligent life experience.

Looking back 20 years ago, chat software just appeared. People were attracted by this more instant communication than SMS, and online chat became popular all over the country. Ten years ago, the third wave of Internet came, and the Internet moved from PC to mobile. A variety of social networking sites and e-commerce websites have sprung up, and network interaction is increasingly in-depth in all aspects of social life.

With the application of RTE technology, the industry demand has entered the explosive stage

With the gradual implementation of 5g and the gradual popularization of intelligent technology, people have a stronger demand for real-time interaction. The rapid development stage of real-time interactive RTE technology has entered the stage of audio-video interaction integration.

This time, all walks of life work together to fight the epidemic, and the cases of real-time interactive RTE technology application are concentrated in front of the world. On the one hand, it is a great display in the medical field, on the other hand, it is widely used in social entertainment and other scenes. VR house watching, cloud tourism, online education, video conference and real-time interactive RTE technology have become the most powerful technical support for work and life in special period.

As Zhao Bin, founder and CEO of sononet Agora, said, the embodiment of real-time interactive RTE technology achievements is the progress made under the development and promotion of the industry for many years. With the landing of 5g applications, more real-time interactive RTE scenarios have been spawned.

Online education, live answering, Lianmai games, smart ar glasses, double recording of financial account opening and many scenes in the security field have been subverted by real-time interactive RTE technology. Artificial intelligence technology is also combined with the current hot online live broadcast, game Lianmai, cloud tourism and other scenarios with strong social demand. Through real-time interactive RTE technology, the social attribute is enhanced and the user stickiness is improved.

Real time interaction fully penetrates into the industry, enabling the industry to open the

RTE technology promotes popular applications, supporting 80% of global social platforms

Real time interactive RTE technology develops the communication mode from single to multi-dimensional and all-round interactive application, breaking the limitation of time and space.

Zhong Sheng, chief scientist of sound network, once mentioned in his speech that there are many links that need to be optimized in the process of end-to-end real-time transmission, and AI will become one of the main application tools.

Audio and video coding and decoding is a part of real-time interactive RTE technology stack. AV1 video coding can further reduce the bit rate by about 30% compared with h.265 standard, but its coding complexity is also dozens of times higher or even more.

With the development of real-time interaction demand and technology, real-time interactive RTE technology develops deeply with many application scenarios, and outputs popular applications in many application fields, including webcast, online education, video conference, telemedicine, etc.

With the combination of real-time interactive RTE technology and artificial intelligence, the applications in these fields have been more integrated. Taking social networking as an example, sound network supports 80% of the world’s social live broadcasting platforms, Zhao said.

Real time interactive RTE technology will develop towards AI and 5g in the related industries with real-time interaction requirements. In real-time interaction, image recognition, natural language processing, speech recognition and other technologies are constantly breaking through. With more and more 5g commercial landing applications, 5g network can support the connection of devices and network transmission speed is also greatly improved, the actual interactive experience has been better.

Real time interaction fully penetrates into the industry, enabling the industry to open the

Extensive application scenarios of real-time interaction

Applications that have been spawned will not disappear because of the disappearance of the epidemic, but will be transformed into applications that are more suitable for work and life scenarios. In order to rapidly and widely apply real-time interactive RTE technology to video conference, online education, online medical and other real-time interactive scenes, the industry has launched new products and opened up new application scenarios.

The huoshenshan and leishenshan hospitals, which have been built in a short period of more than ten days, have not only deployed 5g network to support doctors in remote treatment for patients everywhere, but also intelligent interactive robots to deliver drugs to medical staff and patients for preliminary diagnosis and diversion. Even suspected cases isolated at home can communicate with medical staff through remote interactive system.

Voice network has also found a new way to find technical talents through real-time interactive RTE competition, help players find direction through specific competition questions, endow more scenes with real-time audio and video interaction ability, and stimulate the creativity of players. Expert judges score contestants’ works through code quality, visual design, user experience, work completion, creativity, potential commercial value and other dimensions, so as to help contestants clarify the design direction and find commercial possibilities.

Online competition, registration opened

The real-time interactive real-time voice network RTE competition is close to the real needs of the competition. It does not impose restrictions on the contestants. It only requires that it can realize an application scenario, such as video conference, online classroom, live broadcast of MAC, audio and video chat, social games, home security, etc., or solve a practical problem.

The official website registration of this real-time interactive RTE competition has been officially opened. As long as you love coding, college students, entrepreneurs, maker enterprises and individual developers can sign up. The whole event will be held online, reflecting the real-time interactive RTE technology theme.

Real time interaction fully penetrates into the industry, enabling the industry to open the

In this competition, competitors can use Agora SDK to give more real-time audio and video interaction capabilities for scenes, and also win the award with these innovations. The players have the chance not only to win the prize of 3000-30000 yuan, but also to enter the green channel of Agora.

Real time interaction fully penetrates into the industry, enabling the industry to open the

In the era of globalization, the Internet will no longer be a technology that only meets the requirements of interaction, but real-time interaction, without space restrictions and time isolation.

With the increasing demand of online interaction in education, health care, entertainment, security and other fields, RTE technology is gradually becoming the mainstream of the intelligent era.

Real time interaction fully penetrates into the industry, enabling the industry to open the