Reactjs news #25 F8 developer seminar and react



F8 developer workshop and react

The F8 seminar in 2017 (Facebook developer Seminar) started on April 18. There are two themes related to react in this developer seminar, namely, VR and graphql. The video has been put on the Internet for viewing.

React VR 1.0 release

The react VR function library has released version 1.0 with F8. React VR allows you to use react to create virtual reality websites and 360 interactive experience, which is completely consistent with the design of react.

Relay Modern: simpler, faster and easier to expand

The relay team released a new version – relay modern, which combines ease of use, easy expansion and improved performance on mobile phones. Relay is a framework for creating data-oriented react applications, mainly using graphql and react.

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