Reactjs news 19 react conf 2017 will start on March 13


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React conf 2017 will start on March 13

This year’s react conf hosted by Facebook will be held in Santa Clara, Marriott, California, USA on March 13. The focus of this release should be the new and improved core fiber of react. What other new technologies will be published, let’s wait and see.

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Final release of react router 4.0

The react router development team released the final version of 4.0 in their official twitter on March 11. This new version will support both react and react native platforms, which is a very useful and important react peripheral suite.

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Atom 1.15 release

Atom development tools released 1.15 official version, and 1.16 beta version. There are four important improvements and modifications in 1.15. 1.16 will add custom options to the title bar of Mac OS, and gradually remove the suite used in jQuery.

  • Official blog

Apple warns app developers using hotfix

In early March, apple began to send warning letters to app developers who use some hot patch functions, such as, jspatch and other similar functions. The main reason is that they can modify or replace the code of swift or Objective-C through JavaScript programs, without Apple’s approval process, which has no impact on common react native apps that do not use this function.

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Firefox releases v52.0, the first browser to support web assembly

Firefox released v52.0 on March 7, which includes many improvements, as well as webassembly, a major feature support for game change, which will be the first browser to officially release support for this new technology. There are many other new support, such as support for new async functions and await operators, CSS grid and so on.

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