React installation tutorial


React installation tutorial

  1. development environment React.js
  2. Computer system Windows 10 professional edition
  3. In the development process, we will make different frameworks according to the requirements. This time I use react
  4. Let me briefly describe the installation tutorial of react
install React.js I we need to have it first node.js  Environmental Science,

*Global installation
npm install -g create-react-app

*Create react scaffold:

//Note: an error may be reported when executing this command. The error is as follows:

React installation tutorial

*Don't panic when you see this mistake. Analyze the reason
Because NPM draws foreign resources, but also because React.js It's from abroad. I can't get it, so I report an error.

*The solutions are as follows:
npm config set registry // Verify success NPM config get registry

//Then re execute create react app create \ \ react \ \ app my \ \ app

*Then you'll see something like this:

React installation tutorial

At this point, it indicates that the creation has been successful.
Then CD my app and NPM install 
Then the data NPM start runs successfully, and then the data is stored in the browser localhost:3000  You'll see project react.

//This issue of the tutorial to the end here, is not very simple! Let’s work hard to reach the peak!