Raspberry pie sucking ash? These 7 ways make it easy for you to play with raspberry pie!


As we all know, raspberry pie is a small computer with only one circuit board. It was originally designed for teaching or programming learning. But now, obviously, its role is not limited to this.

Raspberry pie is popular because it is cheap and low power consumption. Now we use it to do all kinds of things, such as entertainment, Internet of things and so on.

It is precisely because we can do many things based on raspberry pie that we feel a little confused and don’t know where to start. So there was such a scene: everyone bought the latest raspberry pie with enthusiasm and prepared to have a big game. As a result, they didn’t know how to play, and finally became a “vacuum cleaner” in the drawer.

Based on this, Liang Xu introduces several ways for you to systematically learn raspberry pie, so that you can have fun and save the “vacuum cleaner” in the drawer. However, the following approaches are mostly foreign. No way, I have to admit that some foreign technology forum communities are really much more advanced than domestic ones.

Raspberry Pie Book Recommendation

Now there are many excellent books on raspberry pie, including some domestic books. Here are two books from introduction to advanced.

  • Raspberry Pi Cookbook: Software and Hardware Problems and Solutions

Raspberry pie sucking ash? These 7 ways make it easy for you to play with raspberry pie!

The author of this book isSimon Monk, he is a software engineer and a veteran geek. At the beginning, he was attracted by Arduino because Arduino was very easy to develop and get started, so he wrote a book about Arduino.

Then he turned to raspberry pie and wrote the book. In the book, he introduced a series of easy to start raspberry pie projects. Through the study of these projects, you can quickly become familiar with the various module resources of raspberry pie. Moreover, he has given solutions to various problems that may be encountered in the process of learning.

  • Programming the Raspberry Pi: Getting Started with Python

Raspberry pie sucking ash? These 7 ways make it easy for you to play with raspberry pie!

Similarly, this book is also the work of Simon monk. The focus of this book is the study of Python. As we all know, Python is a very elegant and simple language (compared with other programming languages). You can understand Python code even if you don’t know programming.

Python also provides many libraries for raspberry pie development. With these libraries, you don’t have to build wheels again, or study the communication protocols of those sensors.

stayRaspberry Pi CookbookIn, monk has introduced two chapters of python, but this book can be regarded as a real quick start. He introduced you to the python language and developed some Python projects based on raspberry pie to help you play with raspberry pie in Python.

Through the study of this book, you will not only learn the language python, but also learn how to use Python to develop raspberry pie projects.

Raspberry pie online course

Now the network is quite developed. We can learn a large number of excellent courses in online Shanghai without leaving home. Here is an excellent online course:

  • Raspberry Pi Class

Raspberry pie sucking ash? These 7 ways make it easy for you to play with raspberry pie!

Raspberry Pi ClassThere are some very comprehensive online tutorials on raspberry pie. It starts from raspberry pie and the most basic part of the Linux operating system, to Python Programming and GPIO operation.

Its course is very systematic. It teaches you to play raspberry pie from top to bottom. It is especially suitable for novices to quickly enter the development state. Its website is:


Raspberry pie community recommendation

There are too many information about raspberry pie on the Internet, but the following communities must enter your eyes.

  • RaspberryPi.org

Yes, this is the official website of raspberry pie. As an official website, it naturally brings together raspberry pie lovers and geeks from all over the world.

In this community, we have uploaded all kinds of projects based on raspberry pie. As long as we explore carefully, we will find many excellent projects.

Of course, it’s not just a project. Some basic operations, such as how to install raspbian system for raspberry pie, can also be found in this community.

Therefore, as long as you work hard in this community, you can grow from a rookie to an old bird admired by everyone.

  • Opensource.com

In opensource.com, you can find many instructive posts, including: Getting Started guide, excellent projects, resource updates and so on.

This website contains many contents. For raspberry pie, it is in the following topic:

  • Instructables and Hackaday

Note that these are two communities, including the previous five ways, which are exactly the seven ways mentioned in the title. The websites of the two communities are:


Because the two communities are similar, they are introduced together. In these two communities, you can find many highly operational projects. Take a screenshot to let you feel it.

Raspberry pie sucking ash? These 7 ways make it easy for you to play with raspberry pie!

In these two communities, you can see a wide variety of raspberry pie projects, such as magic mirror (which can display weather forecast, temperature and humidity, time, calendar, etc.). Moreover, each project gives very detailed steps, even source code. As long as you follow the steps of the website, you can copy the project.

So if you don’t know what to do with raspberry pie, you can go to these two communities and find some projects to play. When you make several projects, trust me, your confidence will improve a lot!


The above are the ways to learn raspberry pie introduced in this article. There are basic entry-level tutorials and advanced projects that take a lot of time to do. If you really don’t know what to do with raspberry pie or how to get started with raspberry pie, study the above ways.

But, all in English, good luck.

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