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Rabbitmq installation steps (Windows)

1. Rabbitmq is built on the powerful Erlang OTP platform, so we need to install it firstErlang

2. Next, install the rabbitmq servicerabbitmq-server

3. Start rabbitmq:

(1) Right click to open the CMD window in the way of administrator (if it is not opened in the way of administrator, an error will be reported in Figure 1-1)
(2) Type the command to start the management plug-in: “your rabbitmq server installation directory_ server-3.2.3\sbin\rabbitmq- plugins.bat ” enable rabbitmq_ management
(3) Type the command to restart the service: net stop rabbitmq & & Net start rabbitmq
(4) Browser input http://localhost : 15672 to see if you can successfully access the rabbitmq management background (background default account password: guest)

(Figure 1-1)

matters needing attention:

(1) When downloading and installing Erlang and rabbitmq server, be sure to pay attention to their corresponding featuresedition. (the two versions do not match each other, which may lead to errors in Figure 1-2 when executing the startup command. If you are not careful about the installation errors, don’t panic. Just download the corresponding rabbitmq server installation again, and you will be reminded whether to uninstall the installed version when you re install it.)

(Figure 1-2)

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