QuickTester Mobile Phone Can’t Connect How to Do QuickTester Automated Test Tool FAQ


What is QuickTester? How about QuickTester? QuickTester is an automated testing tool that can support Win32, Web, Android and database at the same time. It can automatically capture, verify and reproduce user’s interaction, and realize the heavy repetitive testing work by automation means, which greatly improves the efficiency of testers and reduces the intensity of work. At the same time, it provides test support for rapid iteration of products.

The purpose of using QuickTester is to use it to perform repeated automated testing, mainly for regression testing and testing new versions of the same software. Therefore, before testing, you should consider how to test the application, such as which functions to test, operation steps, input data and expected output data. QuickTester uses the keyword-driven concept to simplify the creation and maintenance of test cases. It allows users to directly record the operation process on the screen and automatically generate functional tests or regression test cases. Professional testers can also achieve complete control over test and object attributes by providing built-in scripts and debugging environments. Okay, that’s all for QuickTester. Let’s take a look at the answers to common QuickTester questions.

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QuickTester (Automated Tester) V8.4.2.9 Official Chinese Installation Version
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frequently asked questions

Mobile phone can’t connect

Open USB debugging mode, mobile phone: Settings – > Developer Options – > Check USB debugging


Different Android phones have different operation steps to turn on USB debugging mode, so they can Baidu by themselves.

Re-plug in the phone

Use mobile phone assistants such as pea pods, app treasure, etc.

Open the task manager, kill the adb.exe process and restart QuickTester

Replacement of PC USB socket or data line

Anomaly Solution for Android Testing


Application startup fails because the QT will re-sign the app, so the following reasons will lead to application startup failure:

App itself does signature checking. Please use the version of APP without signature checking or provide signature files in the environment preparation step.

App has been reinforced with third-party software. If there is reinforcement, please provide the signature file in the environmental preparation step.


Connecting to App on mobile phone is timed out. Please exit App on mobile phone and try again.


No mobile phone was detected. Please connect to the mobile phone via USB cable. If you are already connected to your mobile phone, still prompt, please refer to the mobile phone can not connect.


QT generation Android test proxy failed and retry.


If the current activity of the mobile phone fails, please check whether the mobile phone is locked. If so, please unlock the mobile phone screen and try again. If it still hasn’t been resolved, please try again after you quit App on the phone.


The installation application failed.

Apk Installation Failure Reasons and Processing Methods

Tips Reasons and Solutions
INSTALL_FAILED_ALREADY_EXISTS This app has been installed on the mobile phone, and can be uninstalled.
INSTALL_FAILED_INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE Mobile phone system space is insufficient, unload some unnecessary applications can be
INSTALL_FAILED_OLDER_SDK The Android version is too old for a high-level Android phone.
INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_INCONSISTENT_CERTIFICATES The app has been installed on the mobile phone and the signature conflict has resulted in the uninstallation of the app.
INSTALL_FAILED_MEDIA_UNAVAILABLE SD Card Not Available, Restart Cell Phone / Delete Some Applications
INSTALL_FAILED_INTERNAL_ERROR Installation failure due to system reasons, retry/restart/replace mobile phone
INSTALL_FAILED_USER_RESTRICTED Solutions for the emergence of Meizu mobile phone: mobile phone Butler – > authority management – > USB installation management
  • Mobile screen unlock
  • Mobile: Settings – > Security – > Unknown Source Check
  • Mobile terminal: click OK/Allow button, install program


The parsing test APK package failed. Make sure that the test APK is a valid apk file.


The re-signature test application failed. Please try again.


The uninstall application failed. Please try again. If not, uninstall the mobile test application manually.

Well, that’s all about QuickTester. What if the phone can’t connect? QuickTester automated testing tools to answer all the common questions, I hope to help you all! More QuickTester skills, please continue to pay attention to the developpaer website!