Quick start blockchain based BPM system convergence BPM


BPM system based on blockchain — conflux BPM

This article is divided into the following parts. If you are not familiar with BPM, please read it from the beginning. If you are familiar with BPM, skip the first chapter:

1. What is BPM
 2. What is conflux BPM
 3. Why is there conflux BPM
 4. Conflux BPM featured content tracking

What is BPM

Business process management (BPM), namely business process management, is the core of a new generation of enterprise application system that supports the functions of business process analysis, modeling, simulation, optimization, collaboration and monitoring.

What is conflux BPM

Conflux BPM, Chinese name confluence BPM, is an open source and easy-to-use blockchain BPM system.
Confluence BPM is an open source enterprise Java rapid development micro service framework (BPM) integrating code generator, workflow, blockchain smart contract and blockchain NoSQL database.
At the same time, the current popular Web2.0 and new Web3.0 technologies are used. Web2.0 includes spring boot, mybatis, Shiro, redis, jQuery, bootstrap, activiti, JWT, etc; Web3.0 uses the conflux tree blockchain with stable, high-speed, low-cost and domestic independent intellectual property rights. The underlying database supports, such as mysql, Oracle, sqlserver, domestic Dameng, smart contract NoSQL database, etc.

Why is there conflux BPM

After introducing the content of conflux BPM above, you will find that conflux BPM uses the latest Web3.0 technology compared with traditional bpm.
At present, the blockchain industry urgently needs application and implementation. In addition, countries are competing to build new digital infrastructure. In the future, the infrastructure construction demand of various blockchain information systems in various industries will also surge;
Therefore, the objective of conflux BPM can be summarized as follows: it can not only quickly complete the development of traditional information systems, but also configure some form fields to be stored in the business logic of blockchain smart contracts.
Developers in the Web3.0 era can use this system to complete information projects in their respective industries conveniently, quickly and reliably.

Conflux BPM featured content tracking

At present, conflux BPM is still in version 1.0. Next, we will experience the characteristic functions of blockchain (provided by the project party):

  • Add a “blockchain data” control in the dynamic form and select the control field to automatically access the data by reading the system blockchain management configuration in the automatically generated front-end code and automatically executed back-end code. An on chain information analysis and viewing block information module is added at the front end.
  • Configure whether each form record is NFT and whether this NFT can be traded
  • In the workflow module, the functions and controls of the process chain are added.
  • The workflow node field permission control increases the visibility / filling / mandatory control of blockchain data.
  • Smart contract template suitable for BPM data management, smart contract automatic generation module.
  • Blockchain BPM data management logic, cooperation, switching and backup methods of traditional database and blockchain database.
  • System blockchain management configuration function.
  • Provide general interface for data synchronization between different systems.
  • Other modules that may require blockchain feature adaptation.

Introduction to blockchain related functions

The following is a specific example to explain the block chain related functions in BPM
Blockchain data control in form

First, select the form design in the dynamic form, and you will see the following interface. There are two drop-down options circled in red: contract address and process uplink. If you want to link the data in the form, you need to fill in these two options.
Quick start blockchain based BPM system convergence BPM

Secondly, we add two forms: transaction information and block information. After selecting transaction information, set “blockchain” and “blockchain encrypted or not” to “yes” (in the red box in the figure below). After setting, select application;
Quick start blockchain based BPM system convergence BPM

Then select “create menu”, add a menu, select the superior menu “dynamic form presentation” and icon, and save after completion;
Quick start blockchain based BPM system convergence BPM

Finally, select the form just created in the form design for data synchronization and publishing. Then we can find “blockchain test 1” in the “dynamic form presentation” menu. Now add a test data and try it. Note the link icon at the arrow. After we add it, the link will be linked to the conflux browser, as shown below
Quick start blockchain based BPM system convergence BPM

Clicking the link will go to the conflux browser
Quick start blockchain based BPM system convergence BPM

The highlighted part is the data we choose to store in the blockchain
Quick start blockchain based BPM system convergence BPM


The form adds the option of storing data on the blockchain. After designing the data to be saved on the blockchain, you can save the data on the blockchain directly, and you can directly go to the blockchain browser to view the specific content through the link.
Generally, if you want to upload data to the chain, you can select the SDK, wallet, or browser plug-in provided by the chain project party to integrate functions similar to wallet in BPM. Managers do not need to care about the specific chain process. They only need to drag and drop the mouse to complete complex operations, and truly achieve the low code development blockchain certificate storage project.

Smart contract

Here we introduce the features related to smart contract, including contract manager, network parameters, contract list, contract template and contract data;

Quick start blockchain based BPM system convergence BPM

Current versionContract ManagerOnly one is supported, and later versions will be adjusted;

Network parametersIt can be added by itself, mainly P2P nodes, which are used to interact with the blockchain;

Contract list:Remember that when we introduced the form design above, when we selected the contract address drop-down box, there was only one “system test contract” option. In the contract list, we can add the contract ourselves. For the current version, we need to use other tools to write and deploy it first. After using the contract Manager address to deploy it in the blockchain network, we will get the contract hash, Then add a contract entry information on this page.

Quick start blockchain based BPM system convergence BPM

Contract data:In the tutorial of dynamic forms, we have added several groups of data in “blockchain test 1” in the “dynamic form demonstration” menu. Each time the data is linked, a record will be added to this table

Quick start blockchain based BPM system convergence BPM

Contract template
The contract template is a highly professional content. First of all, you should understand the smart contract, or the smart contract you need can be used with the existing open source library, otherwise there may be some confusion; However, there is no need to worry about not writing contracts. During version 1.0, the project party will provide three simple contract templates: data contract, form contract and process contract.

Through the above introduction, we have a certain understanding of the smart contract part of BPM. Among them, contract templates are the key and difficult points. As long as rich contract templates are provided, the advantages of corresponding BPM in the blockchain industry will be highlighted.


To be sure, the combination of blockchain technology and BPM technology is not only a great innovation, but also an implementation method of blockchain implementation; Using this low code or no code development workflow is also a way for the blockchain to approach ordinary users; While other BPMS are still charging fees, conflux BPM has embraced the fairness and open source spirit of blockchain.

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