[quick reference table] phpstorm shortcut key


Common shortcut keys (in case of keymaps: default)

Query shortcut function
CTRL+N  Lookup class
CTRL+SHIFT+N   Find the file and open the file in the project (similar to Ctrl + Shift + R in eclipse), so as to open the file in any directory under the current project
CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+N  Find a method or variable in a class (JS)
CIRL+B    Find the source of the variable and jump to the variable declaration
CTRL+ALT+B   Find all subclasses
CTRL+SHIFT+B   Find the class of the variable
CTRL+G   Position line, jump line
CTRL+F   Find text in current window
CTRL+SHIFT+F   Find text at specified path
CTRL+R Current window replace text
CTRL+SHIFT+R   Replace text at specified path
ALT+SHIFT+C  Find modified files, recent change history
CTRL+E  Recently opened files
F3 Find next
SHIFT+F3  Find previous
F4   Find variable source
CTRL+ALT+F7   The selected character finds where the project appears
ALT+F7 Query selected characters directly
Ctrl+F7 Query selected characters in file
Auto shortcut function
ALT+ enter Import package, auto fix
CTRL+ALT+L formatting code
CTRL+ALT+I  Automatic indentation
CTRL+ALT+O   Optimize imported classes and packages
CTRL+E Recently changed files / codes
CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE  switch windows
CTRL + space Code auto completion, code prompt, conflict with input method generally
CTRL+ALT+SPACE  Prompt for class name or interface name (conflicts with the system)
CTRL+P   Method parameter prompt, display default parameters
CTRL+J  Automatic code prompt, automatic completion
CTRL+ALT+T  Put the selected code in try {} if {} else {}
ALT+INSERT   Generate code (such as get, set method, constructor, etc.)
Copy shortcut function
F5   Copy files / folders
CTRL+C copy
CTRL+V paste
CTRL+X   Cut, delete row
CTRL+D   Replication row
Ctrl + Y   Delete row caret
CTRL+SHIFT+V  Multiple texts can be copied
Run shortcut function
Alt + Shift + F10 Selected configuration and operation
Alt + Shift + F9   Choose configuration and debugging
Shift + F10       Function
Shift + F9 debugging
Ctrl + Shift + F10 Run in scope configuration editor
Ctrl + Shift + X Run command line
Debug shortcut function
F8 Step over
F7 Stepping into
Shift + F7 Intelligent access
Shift + F8 step
ALT + F9 Run to cursor
Alt + F8 Evaluation expression
F9 Recovery procedure
Ctrl + F8 Toggle breakpoint
Ctrl + Shift + F8 View breakpoints
Navigation shortcut function
Shift + Esc Key to hide the active or last active window
Ctrl + Shift + F4 Close the activity run / message / / tab
Ctrl + Shift + Backspace Key to navigate to the last edited position
Ctrl + Alt+B To implementation
Ctrl + Shift+I Open quick definition query
Ctrl + U     Go to super method / super class
Alt + Home     Combined display navigation bar
Bookmark shortcut function
Ctrl + F11 Toggle bookmark mnemonic
Ctrl +#[0-9] Go to number bookmark
Shift + F11 Display bookmarks
Edit shortcut function
Ctrl + Q   Quick document query
ALT + INSERT Generated code… Machine (getter, setter method, constructor)
Ctrl + O     Coverage method
Ctrl + I     Implementation method
Alt + Enter   Action to show intent and quick fix
Shift + Tab Key indent / UN indent selected lines
Ctrl + Shift + J Smart line connection (HTML and JavaScript only)
Ctrl + Enter     Smart line segmentation (HTML and JavaScript)
Shift + Enter   Start a new production line
Ctrl + Delete Delete word
Ctrl + Backspace Delete word start
CTRL + keypad + /- Expand / collapse code block
CTRL + Shift + keypad +Expand all
CTRL + Shift + number pad Close all
Other function
F1  Help
F2 (Shift + F2) down / up highlight error or warning quick positioning
F3 Look down where keywords appear
F4  Find variable source
F5 Copy files / folders
F6   move
F11 toggle bookmark
F12 Return to previous tool window
CTRL+Z     Backward (code regret)
CTRL+SHIFT+Z forward
CTRL+H       Display class structure chart
Ctrl +F12     File structure pop up
Ctrl+Shift+H   Hierarchy of methods
Ctrl+Alt+H Call level
CTRL+Q    Show code comments
CTRL+W   Select the code and press continuously to have other effects
Ctrl+Shift+W Reduce current selection to previous state
CTRL+B   Go to the declaration and quickly open the class or method description comment at the cursor (Ctrl + mouse click is also OK)
CTRL+O Magic Methods
CTRL+/    Comment / / uncomment
CTRL+SHIFT+/   Notes //
CTRL+ []   Move the cursor to the beginning or end of {} []
CTRL+SHIFT+[]   Select block code to copy quickly
ctrl + ‘-/+’ You can collapse any code block in the project, including any element with nodeType = 3 in the HTM, function, or object direct quantity, and so on. Instead of selecting a fold, it automatically recognizes the fold.
ctrl + ‘.’ Collapse the code of the selected code
Ctrl+Shift+U   Selected character case conversion
ctrl+shift+i   Quick view of variable or method definition source
CTRL+ALT+F12  Explorer opens the folder and jumps to the location of the current file on the disk
ALT+F1   Select any view toolbar in the current file or menu
SHIFT+ALT+INSERT Vertical edit mode
CTRL+ALT ←/→ Return to last edited location
ALT+ ←/→  Switch code view, label switch
ALT+ ↑/↓   Fast moving positioning between methods
ALT + ‘7’ Displays the current class / function structure. Similar to the effect of outline in eclipse. The experiment is a bit more awesome than aptana, but it still can not fully show the name of the method under prototype.
SHIFT+F6 Rename, refactoring the variable rename / refactoring in the current region can not only rename the file name, but also name the function name. The function name can search for the referenced file and rename the local variable. You can also rename the label name. There is a similar shortcut in sublime text: Ctrl + Shift + D.
ctrl+shift+enter (Intelligent perfect code such as if())
ctrl+shift+up/down (move row, merge selected row, move code selection area up / down)
CTRL+UP/DOWN  The cursor jumps to the first or last line in the editor display area
ESC Cursor back to edit box
SHIFT+ESC The cursor returns to the edit box and closes the useless window
CTRL+F4    Close the current editor or tab
Ctrl + Alt + V Introducing variables
Ctrl + Alt + F Similar to introduced variables
Ctrl + Alt + C Introduce Constant
Ctrl + Tab Key to toggle tabs and tool windows
Ctrl + Shift + A Find shortcuts
Alt + #[0-9]   Open the corresponding tool window
Ctrl + Shift + F12 Toggle maximize editor
Alt + Shift + F   add to favorites
Alt + Shift + I     Check current file and current profile
CTRL + back quote (`) Quickly switch the current color / code scheme / shortcut key scheme / interface scheme
Ctrl + Alt + S   Open the setting dialog box (conflict with QQ)