Quick Bi function “bomb”: strong functions such as ad hoc analysis, template market, enterprise wechat secret free login, etc


Introduction:In July, 2021, quick Bi public cloud version iteration new function: Launch ad hoc analysis and template market, and reduce the analysis threshold; Launched the seamless connection of enterprise wechat, and improved the multi-terminal capability through personalized configuration and management of mobile end categories; Upgrade the data modeling configuration interactively to the drag and drop mode to improve efficiency, add new data sources and the ability to upload group space files; The row and column permissions are safely upgraded, and the configuration is more flexible and refined.

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Quick BI_—— The Bi product that Alibaba cloud customers are using (the only Bi selected in Gartner ABI Magic Quadrant in China) seamlessly connects various cloud databases and self built databases, greatly improving the efficiency of data analysis and report development. 0 code mouse drag and drop operation interaction enables business personnel to easily realize the visual analysis of massive data_

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This new function iteration is a big step forward

01 ad hoc analysis + further lowering the threshold for using industry templates

  • Continuous improvement of dashboard capability: the newly launched “template market” provides industry and best practice templates, covering Internet, retail, finance and other industries, plug and play, and one click helps enterprises reuse industry expert experience with one click
  • Launch industry template Market: provide industry best practice Kanban, covering Internet, retail, finance and other industries, plug and play, and help enterprises reuse industry expert experience with one click

02 multi terminal upgrade for mobile viewing

  • Enrich multi terminal docking: upgrade again and launch seamless docking of “enterprise wechat”
  • Mobile terminal category management: the report category personality can be configured to realize the enterprise mobile terminal thousands of people and thousands of face-to-face viewing experience

03 configuring effective data source extension

  • Comprehensive improvement of data modeling configuration: comprehensive improvement of interactive experience, and drag and drop mode helps improve efficiency
  • Continuous enrichment of data sources: newly added oceanbase and kylin data sources, and newly added file upload capability in group space

04 enhancement of security upgrade authority control

  • Security upgrade of row / column permission control: the configuration is refined and the flexibility is upgraded. For medium and large enterprises of complex organizations, the ability of permission control is greatly improved

For details, please refer to the following:

Visual analysis module capability upgrade

  • Function 1: newly launched “template market” (special function of professional version) quick Bi team provides industry and best practice templates, covering Internet, retail, finance and other industries, plug and play; Enterprise organizations can customize enterprise templates, support other users to apply templates and modify configurations, and quickly reuse a set of analysis templates to business scenarios

Quick Bi function

For details of formwork, see:https://bi.aliyun.com/template/nl/public

  • Function 2: add 6 sets of theme templates, and support card background, color absorption, card spacing, gradient mode, title font size and other configurations; Improve the flexibility of user configuration, meet the personalized visual needs of all business parties, add more cool templates and reduce the configuration threshold

Quick Bi function

Quick Bi function Quick Bi function

  • Function 3: add notes and endnotes, and support inserting dynamic conditions and summary indicators; It is often used to remark auxiliary information and analyze insights, making the dashboard more visible and readable

Quick Bi function

  • Function 4: query the row level permission of the control. The default value can take effect according to the row level permission; Based on row level permission, the default value of query control is generated, so that the user on the access side can avoid switching and experience more friendly

Quick Bi function

Heavyweight launched a new module “ad hoc analysis” (special function of Professional Edition)

  • Function 1: display in table form, and support directly dragging the dimension value of the field from the data panel to generate a table; It allows different dimensions to be assembled and combined to form facets, so as to achieve more dimensional analysis scenarios

Quick Bi function

  • Function 2: it supports direct calculation, sorting, formatting and other operations in the table area

Quick Bi function

  • Function 3: support to directly drag dimension values into the control area to generate filter conditions without complex condition configuration

Quick Bi function

Upgrade the mobile terminal capability and fully connect with enterprise wechat

  • Function 1: support enterprise wechat application configuration, wechat account password free login access (special function of professional version)

Quick Bi function Quick Bi function

  • Function 2: overall optimization of chart jump, supporting page call out; Make interaction smoother

Quick Bi function

  • Function 3: support category directory visible range configuration

Quick Bi function

Comprehensive upgrade of data source & Data Modeling

  • Function 1: the group space supports file uploading and adds data sources oceanbase and kylin
  • Function 2: interactive upgrade of data modeling, batch configuration of new fields, reference time field of new calculation field, field selection, etc; Comprehensively improve the interactive experience of data modeling, and drag the WYSIWYG mode to make modeling easier to read and configure

Quick Bi function

Upgrade management and control to make data more secure

  • Function 1: row permission supports multi condition configuration, enumeration value or label authorization at the same time; It supports multi condition configuration, flexibly adapts to organizational permission scenarios, and fine data control makes data more secure. It is mainly used for complex organizations and enterprises. The data range is divided by region and business module, so that different users can see different business data results in the same dashboard. For example, the person in charge of North China can only see the relevant data of North China, while the person in charge of the headquarters can see all the relevant data of the region.

Quick Bi function

  • Function 2: column permission supports field visibility and data desensitization rule configuration to make sensitive field control more precise; It is mainly used to divide the data field range by department, such as the cost field visible to the financial department and the cost field invisible to the marketing department.

Quick Bi function

Learn more about quick Bi to viewhttps://www.aliyun.com/product/bigdata/bi

Quick bi – a bi product used by customers on Alibaba cloud (the only Bi selected in Gartner ABI Magic Quadrant in China), it seamlessly connects various cloud databases and self built databases, greatly improving the efficiency of data analysis and report development. The 0 code mouse drag and drop operation interaction enables business people to easily realize the visual analysis of massive data.

Data middle office is the only way for enterprises to intellectualize. Alibaba believes that data middle office is an intelligent big data system integrating methodology, tools and organization, which is “fast”, “accurate”, “complete”, “unified” and “accessible”.

Currently, Alibaba cloud is exporting a series of solutions, includingCommon data midrange solutionRetail data midrange solutionFinancial data middle office solutionInternet data midrange solutionGovernment data middle office solutionAnd so on.

The Alibaba cloud data midrange product matrix takes dataphin as the base and quick series as the business scenario, including:

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