DWQA QuestionsCategory: ProgramWhy is the page address in nodejs express redirected
la_star asked 2 months ago

1. Problem description
I built a website with express framework, when I visithttp://localhost: 8088 / checkgp address, the page will automatically jump tohttp://localhost:8088/checkgp/。 The URL address is automatically followed by a ‘/’.
But I don’t want to be minehttp://localhost: 8088 / add is no problem.
2. Code screenshot
3. Which friend can help answer. thank you!

1 Answers
shen answered 2 months ago

Try restarting the service?

la_star replied 2 months ago

The computer has been rebooted, it doesn’t work.

shen replied 2 months ago

Can’t the browser cache be cleared?

la_star replied 2 months ago

No way. Now I wonder if nodejs has cached the page?