DWQA QuestionsCategory: ServerWhich way of visiting "www.baidu. Com" or "www.baidu. COM /" is fast?
Morph_Zhou asked 6 months ago

For example, ask for a professional and comprehensive solution.
Well, maybe change it to this question
Which way of visiting “https://www.baidu.com” or “https://www.baidu.com /” is fast?

The new rookie replied 6 months ago

Plus onehttp://Visit both faster than yours

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Fmit broadcasting answered 6 months ago

HTTP must be faster than HTTPSBecause HTTPS not only needs two more sets of three-time handshake processes than HTTP, but also needs to encrypt and decrypt the transmitted data on the client and the server, which costs both traffic and CPU. But because HTTP is plaintext, in order to prevent the network middle layer from stealing data, the sensitive data must be HTTPS.
If it’s all HTTP, then the ending is with or without/Who is fast?
On the macro level, it is the same; on the micro level, it should be fast.
Why? Because for the HTTP protocol, the browser sends a request to any server, which is get / XXXX. The browser generally divides the URL you enter into the following categories through regular expressions:Agreement://domain name:port /url4 parts (ports can be ignored). The content behind the port will send a get (post / put / patch, etc.) request intact, but if you don’t type the last/, the browser will make the following judgment:

if not url:
  url = '/'

That’s all. All network requests after the browser are exactly the same. And this little if statement, I believe, doesn’t even care about the calculator, so the difference can be ignored.

Flying golden sculpture answered 6 months ago

It’s just as fast. There’s no difference between the two.