DWQA QuestionsCategory: Development ToolWhere can I find the document of SVN's transport protocol?
Four case asked 9 months ago

Because I use virtual space, I use FTP to upload and download every time I upgrade the website,
So I want to use PHP to write an SVN client to complete the code upgrade.
I’ve been searching for SVN transmission protocols on Google for a long time, but the result is that I’ve talked about how to build SVN servers,
So, does anyone know where to download the documents of SVN’s transport protocol?

3 Answers
RobinTang answered 9 months ago

Generally speaking, SVN can be implemented in two ways:
Http: / / (secure HTTPS: / /) method. If you need a name, it is called WebDAV. This method is based on HTTP. It extends the HTTP method to support the functions of adding, deleting, changing locks, version control, etc. seehttp://www.webdav.org/, if you want to see the specific agreement, you can go to rfc4918.
The other is SVN: / / (secure SVN + SSH: / /). Unlike WebDAV, SVN: / /, which saves a lot of unnecessary data (especially HTTP headers). For the protocol of SVN, seeSVN RA protocol(it doesn’t seem to be complete, you Google again)
If you want to implement it, you need to determine which SVN client you need to implement. In addition, PHP seems to have the function of SVN operation. No matter how you use PHP to call SVN command, it’s too time-consuming to implement by yourself. Life is too short to spend too much time on these aspects.

RobinTang replied 9 months ago

I looked at the problem of the subject again. He didn’t want a server or client. He wanted to know the communication process between the server and the client. He wanted to implement it. I looked at my answer again. I don’t know if you clicked on the link I gave. I didn’t give the client or the server. I gave the protocol description. Whether the subject needs to implement the client or the server, these protocols are not necessary.But I also prefer that the main topic you said is to need a SVN server, so he can directly submit the code to SVN. If it’s a client, he plans to update the code from SVN server to PHP server after each update. Alas, I don’t know what he thinks.

houtian answered 9 months ago

On the contrary, I want to know whether it is difficult to implement this server. I want to implement a private cloud with SVN