DWQA QuestionsCategory: ProgramWhat's better about this kind of JSON string
PHP rookie asked 2 months ago
showdesc({"date":1505647332472,"content":"<div style=\"text-align: center;\"></div>"})

Like this kind of head and tail are included, how to extract the contents?
I used STR first_ Replace showdesc (and}) is not suitable

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Su Sheng is not confused answered 2 months ago
$s='showdesc({"date":1505647332472,"content":"<div style=\"text-align: center;\"></div>"})';
//echo '<pre>';print_r($m);
TMaize answered 2 months ago

This is the data in jsonp format, that is, a JS code fragment. You can create a function with the same name and accept it

    function showdesc(data) {
    showdesc({"date":1505647332472,"content":"<div style=\"text-align: center;\"></div>"});
    //var str = 'showdesc({"date":1505647332472,"content":"<div style=\"text-align: center;\"></div>"})';
Thorn bird answered 2 months ago

You need to see more regular

No son answered 2 months ago

If it is a fixed format, you can directly intercept the string.
Someone has already said the regular matching scheme.

krun answered 2 months ago

If it is fixed, then as said above, regular can be used
If it’s not fixed, you can find the first one from left to right
Then do a Java interception:

str.substring(str.indexOf("("), str.length - 1);

This string is called jsonp:
So find the intercept location