DWQA QuestionsCategory: ServerWhat upload schemes and tools are used to deploy resources to servers?
Question leaf asked 1 month ago

Used are Rsync, SSH, Git.
However, I have seen many encapsulated tools on the Internet, such as the encapsulation of the above tools.
When you use your own server, what scheme will be adopted for resource upload and what tools will be used for it?

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socrates answered 1 month ago

Rsync will be more commonly used, very simple packaging can be seen between a simple projecthttps://github.com/ryt/psyncThat’s probably what it means.
If you go any further, you can combine it with tools like fabric, salt, rake, grunt, because uploading is only one step at deployment time.

a0z answered 1 month ago

I am hereHereWrite an article.

lidashuang replied 1 month ago

Capistrano can be used in many ways, and Rsync can be

weakish answered 1 month ago


  • A large number of machines
  • Fear that you will lose the wrong command by manual operation
  • The newcomers who worry about their departure don’t know how to deploy them.
  • Hope to avoid being called up at midnight to operate the server as much as possible
  • Hopefully, even if it’s called up in the middle of the night to operate the server, it can be done in the time of a cup of tea.
  • Advocating “sharpening knives is greater than cutting firewood”


  • puppet
  • Or chef
  • Or other automated deployment scenarios
ryon answered 1 month ago

If Git is deployed with hook, it’s okay.

alairs answered 1 month ago

Recent use of BitTorrent Sync