DWQA QuestionsCategory: ServerWhat to do if Ubuntu files under VaR / HTML / www are modified after restarting the computer
wang745125665 asked 1 month ago

The common user account I used in Ubuntu didn’t enable root login. I wanted to develop the web on it. I used git clone code to go to the website directory and set the permissions of / var / HTML / www to 777. For the convenience of Apache and individual users, I could access the programs. But the problem was that the code was normal after using git clone, but it was just a simple restart After checking the computer with git diff, you can see that all the files have been modified because the 777 permission has been set.
If the permission is only given to RW and the user group is set to personal user Shana: Shana, Apache will not have permission to access. What is the solution?

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felix021 answered 1 month ago

Just change the running user of Apache to a Shana user.

wang745125665 replied 1 month ago

I didn’t do this. I learned the access control list and solved it