DWQA QuestionsCategory: ProgramWhat are the advantages and disadvantages of using online fonts?
Zhou Liang's porridge asked 2 months ago

What do you think about the use of online fonts? What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages?
Originally, the title of the question was going to be “what are the disadvantages of using online fonts?”? 》Yes, but considering that it’s not convenient for everyone to speak freely, so the advantages are also included. I want to see how you think about online fonts.

Young master replied 2 months ago

More vector fonts

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woody answered 2 months ago

Your question is not clear. I don’t know whether you compare the online font with “local font” or “image”, because “local font” has nothing to say. Suppose you are comparing with “image”.

  • The obvious advantage is that there are more fonts and more choices for design. At the same time, the font file is vector, simple zooming in and out has no effect on the display effect in theory, we use CSS to constrain its size, which is more convenient than changing the size after designing the image. It’s worth mentioning that the font file on retina screen is so perfect, the smooth and delicate border is better than the picture. The use of font can also make it convenient for users to click and select text, which is also more friendly to search engines.
  • There are many online services that provide font CDN, such asGoogle Fonts. At present, it mainly focuses on Latin, English, and other languages. For example, Chinese has thousands of font types. A set of font file contains these font types, which is very large and inconvenient for online transmission. There are also many solutions, such as transferring the text you want to load to the background in the form of query. After dynamic language receives instructions, the command line calls some open source projects, and transfers the text to the background in the form of query The required characters are cut out from the font library and merged into a small font library, and no more characters that cannot be used are transmitted.
  • I have observed a trend of web design in the last two years, that is, to use as few pictures as possible in the basic framework (this has been reflected in the popular CSS framework bootstrap 3). Smart people have already started to use font files to replace small icons in the site, which they call “icon font”, compatible with most terminals and faster development speed (without writing CSS) And so on. I’ll see for myselfAliiconfontandicomoonThere are many similar sites.

The disadvantages that can be bypassed by different scenes are as follows

  • Network overhead, but for the tiny size of English fonts and client cache, it’s nothing at all.
  • The limitations of solid color fonts on design, even in combinationCSS3It can only achieve some simple gradients and transparencies. For small icons with more colors, the use of font files is still very limited. Fortunately, recently, it seems that many people have a preference for solid colors, Microsoft’s Metro style, IOS flat and so on. If the design concept is similar, then the use of font files has no impact on the design.
  • All online projects involve copyright issues. Whether you provide or use them, you’d better understand the licensing agreement before operating them, and respect the author’s achievements.

I like online font very much. Whether it’s web or native, whether it’s design or content, it’s a very good supplement, if you know how to use it and when to use it.

watert answered 2 months ago


  • No longer need a lot of images to solve the font problem: Google fonts, etc
  • Can provide unlimited expansion of the basic icon collection


  • For non Latin languages such as Chinese, the support is painful, at least the current solutions can not be solved by static server
  • Text or icons can only be monochrome, but it’s probably not a problem for minimalist design
Sun Xiaolong answered 2 months ago

At present, I think the biggest drawback is to use the most fonts.googleapis.com I really can’t flatter you at home
After some domestic websites are used, the whole web page will be blank in dozens of seconds to a few minutes. Nothing will be displayed
In particular, some local devices are also used later, more pit, clearly instant open page, so long can not open
In other words, the volume of the web page is increased, which may affect the speed of the web page (remove the above mentioned) fonts.googleapis.com If the speed of the engine is affected.)
The effect on rendering speed is not great

Zhou Liang's porridge replied 2 months ago

This is also a reason. Google uses a lot of online font libraries

233333333 replied 2 months ago

fonts.useso.com Welcome. Numbers do a good thing.

kokdemo answered 2 months ago

Not very optimistic about online Fonts After all, loading costs a lot.
And the Chinese online font is a pit, because there are too many Chinese characters to find a solution to load all at once.
Now the solution is basically to convert a few words you need into a special library, and then you load it online
Icon font is great There should be more fun development