DWQA QuestionsCategory: Development ToolVscode cannot go to the imported file
Tulies asked 4 weeks ago

Problem description
As shown in the figure above, I am a Mac computer. Hold down command + and click this path. Should I jump to the file?
This file path completion extension is./errorTestA.vue, plus.vueYou can jump over. The editor is omitted by default.vue。 I remember it was possible to jump before…
There are Vue development brothers to help look at it. thank you.

learnfront replied 4 weeks ago

Would you like to ask the landlord, has this problem been solved? How

1 Answers
qinchao888 answered 4 weeks ago

Omitting. Vue is not configured in webpack:

resolve: {
    extensions: ['.js', '.vue', '.json']
Tulies replied 4 weeks ago

That’s not the problem.. This is only used when compiling webpack. It doesn’t affect the editor.. No autocomplete file extensions are available throughPath IntellisenseExtended"path-autocomplete.extensionOnImport": trueConfigure. But why not add a file extension, click the path will not recognize ah.. Do you need any additional extensions?

A kind of Big male_ replied 4 weeks ago

I also encountered this problem, the investigation has been unable to find the problem, is it solved now?