DWQA QuestionsCategory: ProgramThree seamless scrolling picture lists, how to use jQuery to control them separately, that is, the mouse moves to which stop, moving out will start scrolling again
dzzz asked 3 weeks ago

My code always has a delay to stop, and it stops..

    function show(){
        $(".scroll ul").animate({
            if($(".scroll ul").position().left <= -980)
            $(".scroll ul").css("left", 0)
    var st=setInterval(show, 0)
    $(".scroll ul li").mouseover(function(){
    $(".scroll ul li").mouseout(function(){
        setInterval(show, 0)
Ice, wing replied 3 weeks ago

If you can’t write it well, you can consider the plug-in. I recommend Superslide with the parameters to achieve your effect

2 Answers
dema answered 3 weeks ago

1. You can add “. Stop ()” in front of “animal”.
2. Clear the float and then enable it. Try this:

st = setInterval(show,100);

3. Your timer should not work. The reason why it works is that your show method was executed once in the beginning.

rainjoy1993 answered 3 weeks ago

Listen to enter and level, mouse, PC side