DWQA QuestionsCategory: ServerThere is noise and the touch panel is out of order in the pro installed Ubuntu 18.04 of Xiaomi notebook
clear and shallow asked 2 months ago

Daniel, do you know anything about Ubuntu?
My millet notebook pro, after installing Ubuntu 18.04, has a problem
When using NVIDIA graphics card, everything is normal. However, when using Intel graphics card, the speaker has noise and harsh current sound, which can only be heard by wearing headphones. However, as soon as you listen to the music, it disappears. Once you press pause, it appears again immediately
The second problem is that the touch pad works and doesn’t work. You have to press it every time to click it. It works almost every three or four minutes
What is the reason? Online search for a long time, installed a lot of drivers did not solve

hhhan replied 2 months ago

Generally, the installation of Ubuntu for bare metal notebook requires manual installation of NVIDIA NVIDIA driver after the system is installed. There may also be Intel driver. Anyway, it is necessary to manually install Linux related driver package. Maybe the Xiaomi notebook is relatively new. You can try Ubuntu 1910. Hope to help you?

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clear and shallow answered 2 months ago

There is no other way, just upgrade to 20.04, it’s really a system problem