DWQA QuestionsCategory: ProgramThe problem of coordinate transformation in canvas
zk785 asked 2 months ago

Encountered a mobile terminal Sketchpad needs to be marked on the given image, the original image needs to be enlarged and then marked, I used CSS firsttransform:scaleZoom in on the canvas, and then annotate, which will cause problems with the coordinates.
In my current method of obtaining coordinates, it’s ok if I don’t zoom. How to calculate the accurate coordinates after the canvas is enlarged?

function getPosition (e) {
    var touch = e.touches[0];
    var x = touch.pageX;
    var y = touch.pageY;
    return {x, y}
luozz replied 2 months ago

The calculation is made by using the proportional relationship

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hold_baby answered 2 months ago

image.pngIts essence is to calculate the origin coordinates and the width and height of the zoomed image