DWQA QuestionsCategory: ServerThe pause problem of CMD executing Python and Java
ider asked 5 months ago

There is a pause problem when executing Python or Java on the CMD, that is, there is print in the code, but it will not be displayed in the CMD. The program will be stuck here. You need to manually press enter to jump out of the print content, and the program will continue to execute.
This happens occasionally. I have encountered it on different windows, Java and python, and it will be suspended without human intervention

dokelung replied 5 months ago

Do you have a code?

dokelung replied 5 months ago

Web crawler, Java is httpclient, Python is requests, parse + print, and then delay time. Sleep. The problem may be caused by delay or print. Linux code will not have this problem

dokelung replied 5 months ago

Also met, CMD sometimes have to knock enter, otherwise the card owner

2 Answers
dokelung answered 5 months ago
  1. Open CMD, right click to open the menuContent
  2. stayEdit optionsUncheck inQuick Edit mode

P. The simplified version of S. may be different from my description, but the key point is to turn off QuickEdit mode

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Embers answered 5 months ago

show me the code