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BenjaminShih asked 2 months ago

I want to know whether the current front-end siege lions, on the premise of focusing on the front-end, prefer the front-end technology of CSS and JS, or the back-end technology and server technology?

cheukyin replied 2 months ago

The whole stack is better

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ColaDaddyz answered 2 months ago

Personally, I think there are several development directions of the follow-up front end

  1. In depth front-end segmentation, such as data visualization, front-end engineering, operation and maintenance
  2. Learn from the server side, but I think node is more used as the middle layer
  3. Cross end, such as IOS, Android, hybrid, RN
Front end development cut answered 2 months ago

As far as the front-end friends I am familiar with are concerned, I think it should be divided into two parts:

  • Working in the front end of Party A’s company (all products are our products); hereinafter referred to as “Party A’s front end”
  • Working in the front end of Party B’s company (working in the outsourcing website construction company, doing products of other companies); hereinafter referred to as “Party B’s front end”

Generally, the companies where Party A’s front-end is located are relatively large, while small and medium-sized companies prefer to outsource their websites to the website construction companies where Party B’s front-end is located;
The front-end projects of Party A will not be too crowded, but the performance requirements are extremely high, because these large companies have a large number of users, a loaded JS file is a little larger, and the accumulation of hundreds of millions of users will become a disaster for the server; while small and medium-sized companies do not have so many users, and the performance is slightly low, which is acceptable. The most intolerable thing for small and medium-sized companies is the project time cycle Too long; in addition, the front-end salary of Party B is generally settled by Commission, so they will also pay more attention to improving the efficiency of completing the project. Before this project is finished, they are working on another project at the same time. After all, one more project will bring more money;
The front-end of Party A may spend several days or even weeks to study backstage because the team backstage asks for leave, while the front-end of Party B may not be able to accept spending so much time to study backstage because it is not economical;
Many front-end friends who have worked in Party A’s company for several years have become generalists: design, front-end, back-end and server are omnipotent; front-end friends who work in Party B’s company are more specific, skilled and efficient in front-end; website construction companies specializing in outsourcing generally have a clear division of labor in order to be efficient, and there is more than one person in each position, even if there is a leave, the same position Colleagues in other positions can also be replaced. They will not be replaced by colleagues in other positions after learning. The efficiency is too low and the economic account is not cost-effective;
Party A’s front-end often has time to think about some problems that have nothing to do with its own work: for example, sharing some free jQuery plug-ins on GitHub, making a free plug-in for sublime, doing Chinese translation for WordPress, etc.; Party B’s front-end is required to do another project at the same time before one project is completed, so the time to do public welfare sharing is relatively less;
The front-end of Party B is often better at efficiently selecting the existing framework in GitHub, which framework is most suitable for which project, and we can immediately determine which framework to use after seeing the needs of the product manager; when the front-end of Party A encounters problems, it may think that the time is not urgent anyway, let’s build a wheel for this project;
Therefore, if you are determined to go to a big company, you’d better learn the background and server on the basis of doing a good job in the front end; if you like to work in a website construction company specialized in outsourcing, you should be more proficient in every detail of the front end, know more about which projects the framework above GitHub is applicable to, and think about where to spend more time when each project is finished How to shorten the time;