DWQA QuestionsCategory: ServerTelnet 80 succeeded and browsers could not access it
popostar asked 8 months ago

The website is not accessible.

  1. Browser can be accessed by IP address, domain name can not be accessed
  2. Domain name can be Ping successfully
  3. Telnet domain 80, GET xxxn HOST domain name, so that access
  4. Machines in server Intranet can be accessed through domain name in browser

Server OS is Windows Server 2008, web server is the latest version of nodejs + express.
What is the reason for this? What’s the difference between browser access to websites and telnet 80 access?

Yiyun replied 8 months ago

Browser configuration issues? For example, agent or something. Post the browser’s error! (Firefox is the best, please click on the folded part of Chrome and change it to Firefox if IE browser.)