DWQA QuestionsCategory: Development Toolsudo vim command not found!
Charles asked 3 months ago

Recently, I want to toss about VIM, so I downloaded the source code of vim, compiled and installed it in/usr/local/vim74
And then changed it according to the Internet/etc/profilePlus
export PATH="$PATH:/usr/local/vim74/bin/"
Restart the computer, the terminal can use VIM
howeversudo vimerror
Look at the blog on the Internet and say that sudo is a subprocess of fork, and the shell internal command cannotsudoBut VIM is obviously not an internal order
I don’t know what’s wrong. I learned Linux for a short time. I hope you can answer it. Thank you!

It’s the wrong number when asking questions. I’m sorry. There’s nothing wrong with the revision.
The error is as follows
sudo vim command not found!

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Charles answered 3 months ago

I made a soft link to VIM directly/usr/local/bin/Solved this problem, but I don’t know if it’s appropriate to do so

zuch replied 3 months ago

Of course

zuch answered 3 months ago

Are you wrong about your export

RuaRua answered 3 months ago

The second path is wrong