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fenbox asked 9 months ago

Don’t be too verbose.

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fenbox answered 9 months ago

Code segment
For large blocks of code, the code segment is indented with 4 spaces before the code segment, and then pasted with the code to achieve.<pre>The effect, when shown, we can highlight the code.
Usually we will adapt the appropriate highlighting method according to your code snippet, but you can also use it.```Wrap up a piece of code and specify a language (this is recommended when you have more code)

$(document).ready(function () {
    alert('hello world');

Line feed
Enter a new line, realize<br>Effect
If you want to start a new paragraph, please leave a blank line and implement it.<p>Effect

* Italic text*_italic text_
** Bold Text ** Bold Text__
*** Bold italic text *** _ Bold Italic text__

URL link
Common methods:

Text Link [Link Name] (http://Link Web Site)
Links to <http://Link Web Site> or http://Link Web Site

Advanced Skills:

This link uses 1 as the Web site variable [Google] [1].
This link uses Yahoo as a web site variable [Yahoo!] [yahoo].
Then assign values to variables at the end of the document (address)

  [1]: http://www.google.com/
  [yahoo]: http://www.yahoo.com/

When the content of an article is large, it can be divided into headings, Heading 1 has the largest font and Heading 3 has the smallest font.

Heading 1

Heading 2

# Heading 1 #
## Heading 2 ##
### Title 3###

If you have the habit of writing dividers, you can use the following separators


General List:

- Use [minus sign + space] before the list text
+ Use [plus + space] before the list text
* Use [asterisk + space] before the list text

List with numbers:

1. Use [Numbers + Spaces] before the list
2. We will automatically add numbers for you.
7. Don't worry about the wrong number. We will automatically correct the line 7 to 3 when it is displayed.


> Use [greater than sign + space] before citing text
> A new line should be added.

The difference with linking is that an exclamation mark is added before it.!

! [Image Name] (http://Image Web Site)

Symbol escape
If you need to use markdown symbols in your description, for example_ # *Wait, but don’t want him to be escaped. At this time, you can add backslashes before these symbols, such as\_ \# \*Avoid it.

\ Text italics that don't want to be here\_
\*\* I don't want the text to be bold here.\*\*

Support jsfiddle and gist extension, directly fill in url, will expand the relevant content.

Question leaf replied 9 months ago

What about the Markdown line wrap? Why do we use the old scheme that needs two spaces for what reason?http://0x.segmentfault.com/q/1010000000198139

livem replied 9 months ago

You want to edit with a left-right preview rather than a top-down preview:)http://ghosertblog.github.io/mdeditor/

livem answered 9 months ago
No jealous answered 9 months ago

It feels good to use.

tczzjin answered 9 months ago

Can you see the implementation or recommendation of open source?

Shihira answered 9 months ago

Mathematical formula rendering should be the next step of Jun sf’s work, right?

Bamboo Xinxincui answered 9 months ago

Now mathematical formulas support one-line formulas, but there are still some problems, such as the following case, $\ symbol is wrong in determining the formula boundary.
$$ min_w f(w)+\lambda \Omega(w) \geq max_{\Omega^(z)\leq \lambda} -f^(z) $$
When f is differentiable and convex, the above equation holds. And in their respective optimal solutions
$$ z^* = \Delta f(w^*)$$
Can I also support in-line formulas?

MrRight Left_Qin Lei answered 9 months ago

How to input mathematical formulas?