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alwaysVe asked 3 months ago

Let’s talk about our company first. We areTraditional typeDevelopment mode.
The general process is as follows:Product prototype->UI design draft->Static page generated by the front end->PHP static page
And I’m a loser’s front-end leader. I have two subordinates with average skills.
Now many mainstream frameworks come out from the front end, such asvuejsreactavalonjsI really want to use it, but the company’s time for each project is very tight, and I dare not let my staff use it at all. The time is too tight, and I don’t have time to be familiar with these frameworks, and I don’t have the development experience of these frameworks, so I still use the traditional development mode.
In order to make the front-end development environment andphpSeparate, build it by yourselfnodejsThe environment is dedicated to front-end layout of static pages, and then let the companycssjsimgfontWait until all these static resources are put intocdnIn the server.
My ideal front-end development is to use the mainstream framework and tools of modern front-end as much as possible, at least related to the following keywords:nodejsnpmwebpackgitcommonjses6And the abovemvvmFrame.
Individuals are still eager to use these mainstream things to build a no longer traditional front-end development environment, but due to the tight project time and staff level, they can only write when they are freedemo
In fact, I have said so much, I want to know the process of how the gods develop front-end pages in the company, especially want to understand and learn from each other.

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Zhang Jing answered 3 months ago

Knowing that there are tigers in the mountain, I prefer to go to tiger mountain!
You are still the team leader, and you have two subordinates. In terms of technology, you should never rely on others. What do you think is good? Even if you work overtime, you have to work it out. You are Daniel. That’s how Daniel comes. If you’ve done a good job of resigning all of your people, and you can still handle everything by yourself, you’ll be bold to try new technologies. You must be more successful in new technology than in old technology. It’s like you didn’t walk smoothly when you first learned to ride a bicycle. But when you master the new technology, your level will go up to a higher level. If your subordinates don’t want to progress with you, you can decisively turn them off and replace them with someone who can be on a speech channel with you. What’s the big deal!
Front end to new technology, must be on! Tianniang, I’m not afraid when I come! Does this kind of thing need to be discussed with anyone? What does the front-end team leader do? You don’t expect to command others to use webback, but start from yourself. You study it thoroughly, build a framework, and then command everyone to use webback, who won’t use you to help him! What can’t be carried out?
You also complain about the low level of employees. In fact, you are afraid of your own. You hear that there are new technologies, envy others to use new technologies, but you are unwilling to study new technologies and expect others to learn new technologies. In fact, your own level is low!

Xiao Shu answered 3 months ago

Say what you think
Front end frameworks do emerge in an endless stream, many of which are excellent. The framework makes our focus on data – operating data is far simpler than operating DOM, especially for pages with complex interaction. The code written by the framework is obviously better readable, with short development cycle and high maintainability than the code operated by pure DOM, which is of great significance. Is that a framework for all code? For example, for a page with less logic and mainly display, it is very important to use the framework. No matter the framework or the library has its own practical scenarios, such as the background system with frequent data operations, I strongly recommend choosing a framework. Don’t use it for use, choose the most appropriate technology.
The only difference between my current working mode and the traditional mode is that it’s not the back-end set page, but the front-end set page. In fact, there is no essential difference between the two. Get the data, take if judgment, foreach cycle… The separation of front and rear ends was first implemented by large companies, such as Ali. As a result, many small companies blindly follow the trend after the concept of “hot”. Big companies have their own scenarios to do front-end and back-end separation to improve the reusability of business interfaces. The back end focuses on business logic, and the middle layer obtains data from different applications and summarizes it, and finally passes it to the presentation layer. If you don’t use node to do the middle tier with Java or python, can you? The answer is yes. But Java is too heavy, Python and the front-end JS language are not unified, and many content cannot be reused, so node is the most suitable, and the front-end is faster. If the business logic does not reach this level or there is no reuse scenario, or the business logic is hard inserted into the node, the whole workload is actually increased, and the maintainability is reduced as a whole. Don’t separate for the sake of separation. See the application scenario.
I suggest the landlord use the framework in some backstage systems, and the risk of bugs is relatively small, so it can be used as a mouse to practice. Don’t expect to learn when you use it, but to be familiar with it before you use it. Only when you actually develop it can you accumulate experience.
When there is a new business, what we want is to choose the right technology based on the current scenario, rather than how to use the new technology when the new business comes.

getcww answered 3 months ago

Team leader, please! ~

This is also true. answered 3 months ago

I’m confused like the owner of the building. The front and back ends are not separated at all. I’m the only front end of our company. I also want to use the mainstream modern technology you said, but I can’t do anything about it. So I always use JQ plus various plug-ins to write various web pages. The front and back ends are not separated, which makes the later period super difficult to maintain… Entanglement

emmy_ answered 3 months ago

Whether it’s the front-end or the back-end, the first thing is the specification. You should first determine the architectural direction of the project. Don’t see that you can play with this, that you can play with it, and at the end of the project nothing is. You need to spend time to understand whether the technology is in line with your project background, and then choose to use it. After you choose it, you need to get demo, and then try to optimize the reuse and readability of the demo code Sex, these aspects are optimized. Finally, we know how to learn and use for the team members. In the early stage, we should do this. We should learn about the experience of using every other period of time, or try our best to optimize the shortcomings. Of course, you can’t expect others to study harder than you

alwaysVe replied 3 months ago

Thank you for your answer. I think you misunderstood. In fact, we already have specifications. I feel sorry for not playing with a new thing. I have considered whether the technology is in line with my project or whether it is necessary to use the framework. I don’t want to listen to the sermons, but I want to know how your company develops the front-end. Do you have some good development methods or experience to share. O (^ ^ ^) o

Chang Wei answered 3 months ago

The answer to the high vote was very good. I’ve added that it’s about the separation of front end and back end. I like the front end as the front end and the back end as the back end development mode. But I’ve tried it. There are too many ways to build a template engine, both in terms of code volume and duration, compared with the traditional MVC. The landlord said that he didn’t have many people, the level was average, and the project was not very large, so it was superfluous. On the contrary, it increases the probability of error.

alwaysVe replied 3 months ago

Well… The project is not small. It’s true to say that I’m worried about the error rate. As the second wind middle school said, I’m really a little afraid of using the new technology to break the previous stability. I’d better force them to use the mainstream technology suitable for the project after I’m proficient in it. After all, the updating speed of our industry is really fast. We can’t use trains clearly, but we still think about the stability without walking.

bingb511 answered 3 months ago

I’m still the only front end of our company or Xiaobai. Team leader asks for guidance!!!

alwaysVe replied 3 months ago

Ha ha, in fact, I’m self-taught. I didn’t know what HTML was when I entered the front end.