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Interpretation of that love asked 4 weeks ago

A react native project used to be done by someone else. Later, this person left and I took over. Now the function development is almost to be debugged on the real machine. As a result, all kinds of mistakes were reported.
1. Error: no account for team “f8jrd4l9w6“
The string of characters after team is said to be ID on the Internet, and it needs to be replaced with my own ID. but how did this ID come from? Is it the only one that I have registered for the apple developer account? I have registered the developer account, but I don’t know how to get this ID
2. The original bundle identifier is as follows: org.cma.moc .AOBO
And then I changed it to com.AOBO , instead of personal team
Then recompile, and the result of the pop-up dialog box asks me to enter the password of the login key string,
On the Internet, it’s OK to change it into this way
But mine is still asking for the password. It’s too hard to do this thing. Is it OK to add me to the original team? If you join a development team like a small program, you won’t have these problems.

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The best food in the station answered 4 weeks ago

Have you solved the problem?

Interpretation of that love replied 4 weeks ago

After the password is completed, click that always allow, do not click allow or enter