DWQA QuestionsCategory: Development ToolProblems with vs multi framework projects?
ahdung asked 3 months ago

Learning to build a multi framework project with VS, as shown in the following figure:
The project contains two target frameworks. Net 2.0 and 4.0. The problem now is that I have just changed the project to multi framework, and the references of each framework have changed to the figure. There are three problems:

  1. I didn’t quote it System.Core/Numerics Wait for assemblies, why do they appear in them? How to delete?
  2. The assemblies referenced by. NET2.0 are all 4.0 GAC, as shown in the figure System.dll How to make. NET2.0 reference GAC of 2.0?
  3. In the code, I clearly chose net20. Why can I use the net40 class like task? As shown in the figure:图片描述

Of course, this may be the same reason as question 2. Please help, thank you.

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ahdung answered 3 months ago

I see. It’s just a display problem. It’s automatically correct once it’s compiled.
But there is another problem. Some assemblies are locked, such as System.Drawing , cannot be deleted. How do I delete it?