DWQA QuestionsCategory: ServerPHP returns only one success page, not the expected one
Yves asked 8 months ago

The project that was running normally was suddenly inaccessible last night, and only one of the returned data shows success
The project is based on ThinkPHP, but this problem occurs when accessing one of the secondary domain names. Other modules of secondary domain name access are normal.
You may have jumped to a default page.
Little brother is Android oriented. He was only responsible for deployment. After running for a while, there was no problem. Now suddenly, there are no PHP developers in the team, so we have to be brave.
Ask the God how to make mistakes
supplement: the running system is CentOS 6.5, using WDCP platform, php5.3 + Apache + MySQL

Hit the water replied 8 months ago

Can you briefly explain your request data logic? Do you have middleware or directly interact with PHP to obtain data? If you are directly interacting with PHP to obtain data, can you paste the requested PHP method

Hit the water replied 8 months ago

Post code? You don’t have a clear description of the situation

1 Answers
yangxiangming answered 8 months ago

It means that there is a problem with the data returned! You put thephpInterface code paste it, and then you want the data structure also say, in the discussion to see what problem! Only the description is not easy to correct