DWQA QuestionsCategory: ProgramOn non Linux platforms, how to quickly match all the text containing a specific label in the source text and replace it with the grouping in it?
acgtyrant asked 10 months ago

See source text.
I need to match all of themhtmlUrl="(.*)"And replace it as\1Of course, the latter is matched in the former(.*), all other strings are omitted, leaving only one URL per line. If you want to try it on Linux, you canvimorgrex
However, as the title indicates, I was trapped on the windows system for some reason. So the key problem lies in what kind of regular expression replacement tools are available on the windows or web side, and how to use them, etc. if you can help directly replace them by the way, it’s even better. Thank you!

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RaymondChou answered 10 months ago

For example, sublimetext supports regular
I’ll replace it for youhttps://gist.github.com/RaymondChou/6508840

Evian replied 10 months ago

Puff… Which professional text editor does not support regular? In addition, it is recommended for commercial and open source companies: GVIM, Notepad + +, emeditor, editpad pro. In addition, I wonder if powergrep can replace the text.