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Happy Bobo asked 2 months ago

The IDE environment of Ethereum is installed for the first time. The machine operating system is centos7, the node version is 12.14.1, and the NPM version is 6.13.4. Under normal circumstances, it should be OK to execute the following instructions according to the official document instructions. At least, this is the official test. The instructions are as follows:

npm install remix-ide -g

However, it is found that this is not the case. Whether it is this instruction or git pull source installation, it will stop because of different errors.
Also hope to play Ethereum of the big men do not hesitate to give advice. What’s the problem? Can’t the node version be too high?

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michael_cai answered 2 months ago

“What’s the problem? Can’t the node version be too high?”
Congratulations, you’re right. Only node version of 10. X is supported.

Happy Bobo replied 2 months ago

Thank you very much. I tried to change to 10.16.0 yesterday