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crystalmoore asked 2 months ago

Question 1: at the beginning, after I input net start mongodb in CMD, mongodb is displayed [system error 3 occurs, the system cannot find the specified file]
After I deleted the. Lock file in / bin / data according to the [method 1] found on the Internet, the above error still appears【 Method 2: [mongodb exit code 100] appears after mongod — repair in CMD
Returned by mongod when the process throws an uncaught exception.】
After these two steps, the problem can not be solved.
The above figure is a partial screenshot of my mongodb.log. My mongodb is closed. I don’t know why it is closed?
So I restarted the computer. Start mongodb again with problem 2
Question 2:
This is a rough [solution] found on the Internet. First remove servicename, then install servicename, and then mongodb starts successfully. I don’t know why I can do this. Ask the principle behind it?
Question 3:
When I started and closed mongodb again, the following problems occurred.
When I start again, I can start normally. However, every time I stop, I first [system error 1067]??
Hope to get an answer, thank you.

tk103331 replied 2 months ago

Try another plate

tk103331 replied 2 months ago


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bguo answered 2 months ago

In your case, please refer to the official documentation to manually create a Windows service
sc.exe create MongoDB binPath= “”C:Program FilesMongoDBServer3.4binmongod.exe” –service –config=”C:Program FilesMongoDBServer3.4mongod.cfg”” DisplayName= “MongoDB” start= “auto”
For detailed steps, please refer to:
For reference.
Love MongoDB! Have Fun!