DWQA QuestionsCategory: DatabaseMariaDB's SQL import to MySQL reports an error
Wood tree asked 2 months ago

My a server (Linux) uses MariaDB database, and my b server (Linux) uses MySQL database.
Now I move all the databases of a to B.
Use the command mysqldump on a to back up all databases and generate SQL files.
Use the source command on B to recover the database.
The problem is the source execution error.
The storage engine of InnoDB is used on MariaDB.
MariaDB's SQL import to MySQL reports an error

3 Answers
SmilePad answered 2 months ago

You can paste the mysqldump command executed on MariaDB
Is this how to export all libraries?

Mysqldump - U DB user name - P DB password -- all Databases > all.sql
youcai answered 2 months ago

You should paste your dump statement. This error may be caused by the absence of relevant database.

Good rain Technology answered 2 months ago

holdmysqldumpPost the command

Good rain Technology replied 2 months ago

What is the MySQL version? Is it consistent with the large branch version of MariaDB?In addition, it’s better to add--set-charsetSpecify the character set. In addition to using the source method, you can also use the MySQL command to import data.