DWQA QuestionsCategory: ProgramLoading animation is pre loaded on the H5 page of IOS device, and the animation cannot be displayed
ttionya asked 1 month ago

The project uses Vue spa, mobile H5 page.
The JS and CSS files of the project are relatively large. In order to reduce the size of the files, they are only loadedindex.html, but JS and CSS files are not loadedWhite screen time, insert the loading animation directly intoindex.htmlIn this way, users can directly see the animation after loading the entry file. When Vue is initialized, Vue’s animation will take over the original animation.
This is done in theAndroidThere is no problem on the device, the animation can be displayed normally, but in theiOSOn the device, whether it’s safari or WebView of some apps,index.htmlThe effect is a long time of white screen, and then the Vue animation directly appears.
I use the background color to test whether it is inline animation or Vue animation. Android is normal. There are two animations (entrance file and Vue), and IOS has only one (Vue).
Do you have any such problems and how to solve them?

Demons replied 1 month ago

Give a test link or code to see it

Demons replied 1 month ago

Did you solve it, brother

Demons replied 1 month ago

Has old fellow iron been solved? I have also found IOS, no Android can.

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AA male answered 1 month ago

Old fellow iron, has this problem been solved?

wlei24 answered 1 month ago

+1. Is the brother resolved