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chenhongye asked 3 days ago

Dashenmen, I am struggling with whether to go deep into PHP or python. I like Python a little bit. I can do it both at the front and the back end, and it is efficient and attractive. But PHP seems to be easier to find a job, Baidu, Sina, XXX are PHP more, swelling do it? Help me, thank you

Yiyun replied 3 days ago

Do you know too few companies or too demanding?

Yiyun replied 3 days ago

Pyhton also has a lot of recruitment, PHP or forget it.

Yiyun replied 3 days ago

In the face of SF, I also take PHP seriously: D

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wuzy_oye answered 3 days ago

Many language beginners will ask “what language should I learn and what language is easy to find a job?”. I think this problem itself is a misunderstanding, a programming language is because it can be more convenient than other languages to solve a certain type of problem. So I think the first thing you should consider is what you like to do? What kind of work do you like to do? Then choose to learn a language, learning with problems is always more efficient than learning for the sake of learning a language, rather than blindly choosing a language. For example, if you’re interested in the front end, it’s probably JavaScript that you need to learn more about than C.

chenhongye replied 3 days ago

good,very nice

Shamiao answered 3 days ago

first…. Wait…. 1、 … and…. meeting…. Son…. You can’t be a vegetarian when you are a PHP backend….
then…. Again…. Wait…. 1、 … and…. meeting…. Son…. Python is efficient…. Well, well, development is efficient…. (hitting the wall)
Language considerations
Both PHP and Python have a long history, have huge built-in tool libraries (Python is especially fierce), and both have quite perfect document systems. It can be said that PHP and python to a large extent show the commonality of “small scripts prying big requirements”.
So a simple consideration is: it’s almost the same to go deep into everyone… It can be compared with learning… Hesitation is an unreasonable thing.
Consideration of other technologies
But although language is largely consistent, language is not just language itself. Take web development as an example: HTML / CSS / JS, SQL, regular, JSON / XML These peripheral knowledge is provided by PHP and python, but they are not completely covered by the language itself.
In fact, no matter what kind of engineers are recruited, there is an implicit assumption: in addition to language, programmers also know the necessary peripheral knowledge to achieve business goals.
Therefore, do not isolate or separate the language itself.
Technology independent considerations
Although language choice doesn’t matter, the method oriented choice of the subject is probably not a good thing.
In short, programmers use language to achieve their goals, not to use it. “I must study Python and use Python for everything” is, in short, mechanically copied.
So choosing a language is better than choosing a goal. According to the development work that you want to undertake, you need to learn what you need, and you must learn quickly, iterate quickly, and update quickly. In this era when the open source movement is popular in the world, it is generally absurd to eat all kinds of things. Because when I’ve learned through the closed door, I’ll see that the world has changed for a long time.
Don’t think about how to make a “perfect” start, or make a “complete” plan for yourself in the first place. Dream. Continuous learning, continuous iteration, and constantly discovering that the things that were expected before are actually of no value, and constantly discovering the things that were ignored before are actually very useful. This is the way for human beings to make a living. Change to live, unchanged to die, do not lock yourself in a specific thing.

annoupdate replied 3 days ago

Bi design, OJ, is to take PHP as the back-end. +1

chenhongye replied 3 days ago

Thank you for understanding my mentality

Yiyun replied 3 days ago

I just took a look at TCL and found that Python’s library is very weak

Childe answered 3 days ago

It can be done at the front and back ends??? Python as the front end?
Since you like python, you can use python. There are not no enterprises that use Python in China, such as Douban.
Finally, let me show you those domestic companies that are using python. Maybe you won’t be so entangledhttp://www.zhihu.com/question/19555512

JohnLui replied 3 days ago

We think that he has a deep understanding of the system and thinks that the front end means to interact with the web…

Childe replied 3 days ago

Well, you’re right. Don’t worry too much, so I just said 0_ 0。 However, in fact, python does have such abnormal things as front-end,pythonscriptThere is something like coffee script. If you put it in this example, it doesn’t make sense. I didn’t add it. Maybe what he has seen is only the web aspect. The web aspect is more brilliant than python, so it is the main battlefield of PHP. -And then he completely ignored the rest.

chenhongye replied 3 days ago

Ha ha, friend, you know me

Captives Jia answered 3 days ago

After that, I would like to get entangled with Tsinghua University before, but I would choose to grow up with Tsinghua University first.
Language is a tool. You can choose one at will and study it in depth.
Maybe at first you will use a certain language as a universal hammer. For example, I thought PHP was very good at first. But after years of working, I found that every language has its own advantages. Even if the so-called existence is reasonable, some people are using it and others are learning from it, such as LISP and PHP. When you find that PHP is not competent in some situations, you will find another language that is competent.
My suggestion is that since you like python, learn Python first. Do more and use more. There is no need to despise PHP, because criticizing what you don’t know often exposes a lot of your own shortcomings.
Every inch has his strong points. I wish you success in your studies.

chenhongye replied 3 days ago

Thank you, ha ha!!

shinebay answered 3 days ago

In fact, I used to struggle with whether it was better to go to Tsinghua University or Peking University, and my wife would choose a beautiful face or a straight breast, etc. In Sao Nian, except for assembly, the language of computer is all figured out. Mastering one language is good for learning another language, unless you dare to say that you use the keyboard you just finished to type a Photoshop for me with 0 and 1 keys at the bottom right

Shamiao replied 3 days ago

Isn’t this the story of a computer expert’s telephone line that used to install windows by pressing 01? Lol

brayden replied 3 days ago

Kang Shen’s story

The end of the world answered 3 days ago

If you like python, go deep into python. It’s good to go deep because you like it.
Python can also find jobs.
When you have free time, you can learn whatever you want.

banama answered 3 days ago

I’ve been entangled with this problem as well as you. In fact, almost all languages are interlinked. When you learn one subject well, it’s easy to learn another. If you like python, start with Python. Python is a very common language. You can easily access algorithms, desktop programs, scripts, Linux, server, web development and other aspects of things, which is very beneficial for long-term development.
Because I am an introduction to python, I feel very comfortable in the process of learning python. It is undeniable that PHP is also a great language. You can see from its popularity that you are not very talented. You don’t know much about the learning curve of PHP. However, if you do web development, you can start quickly. Let’s talk a lot about PHP.
Finally, we should not be rigidly attached to which language to learn (of course, it is also very necessary to learn one or several languages), but to practice “internal skills”.

Genius Kitty answered 3 days ago

I think the simplest way to choose a language is to search for cool products made by this language. Whether these products are front-end or back-end, what kind of products do you want to do, for exampleDoubanIt’s done in Python, or you’re asking questions nowSegmentfaultIt’s written in PHP. I didn’t come into contact with PHP, which may be biased. I chose Python at that time because it was easy to use. Secondly, it was because of the sentence “life is short, I use Python”. So in retrospect, choosing a language is not as complicated as you think.
As for what you said you want to learn more, I don’t know if you mean to learn common frameworks or runtime. The former is basically accumulated by project experience, and the latter requires you to understand C language or assembly. However, no matter what you choose (or consider JS), Python and PHP are both scripting languages. It is recommended that you only learn one of the same languages.
For easy job hunting, unless the probability is% 100, you may fall into the low probability area. Since PHP and python are bothTop 10Python has been used in China since about 2005 (refer to the link above for Douban). Now it has reached a relatively mature stage. Almost all open APIs have Python versions, which means there must be back-end support. Moreover, from all PAAS cloud computing (you say Baidu, Sina) will support both Python and PHP platforms. So I don’t think your choice should be to find a good job.

chenhongye replied 3 days ago

Thank you for the detailed analysis, the benefits are great

Cattle farm answered 3 days ago

What I make complaints about what language is related to finding a job and learning a good operating system.

lidashuang replied 3 days ago

For most people, it matters

Cattle farm replied 3 days ago

Isn’t it fast to learn a language

lidashuang replied 3 days ago

Yes, to find a job, it must be the language you like. In addition, the choice of language is also very important.

Wild big crab answered 3 days ago

I’ve seen a saying “practice first, you can make yourself eat, then do what you like”. It may not be the original, but the meaning is probably like this. If you are struggling with work, then from the current job search point of view, it is sure that there are more jobs in PHP and lower entry threshold. In turn, you really like to do some things and do some programming Do what you like. Say more. The quality of your work doesn’t depend on a programming language (or even your personal skills). The popularity and popularity of programming language can’t determine the salary. A few years ago, I saw a report that Erlang is the programming language with the highest annual salary. Therefore, make your own choice and see what you focus on

Daddy_ Xuan answered 3 days ago

It’s a very simple question. I’ve been tangled with it before.
It mainly depends on the purpose of your study. If you want to find a job, you should learn PHP, and if you are interested in Python, you can learn Python after you find a job.
You can see the large recruitment site for PHP or python, to solve the basic food and clothing.
Other document tool libraries and other things are not considered. Basically, there are alternative solutions. Only mature companies can make use of the features of various languages to write suitable programs.

My name is Li Guannan answered 3 days ago

Learn according to your needs!
However, if you are a student, knowledge in order to learn the language, I personally suggest Python!

Green myth answered 3 days ago

A god level Python User has talked about this before. I’m sorry I forgot his name.
Python is suitable for lightweight and medium level project architecture, which is highly efficient.
However, if the number of users and the structure of the system go up, the efficiency will drop to an unbearable level.
It is a good choice to use Python on some pure computing application plug-ins. On the contrary, it is not.
As for personal use, I feel that Temei’s version 2.7 / 3.3 is bored to death, and all kinds of docking fails. When the development community unifies, it will be more efficient to develop with Python.

Show cloud answered 3 days ago

I think it’s easy to learn C, data organization and algorithm, operating system, network, database, and then learn anything

meheyulin answered 3 days ago

I’m a rookie.
In my opinion, people who don’t speak any language tend to avoid the heavy ones. Any factor has certain influence, but the influence is not absolute, it depends on how you weigh it. Now that we’re talking about which Python or PHP is more suitable for web development (generating HTML), don’t talk about anything else.
I used to use Python as a website. Django, tornado, later flask. I learned PHP later. On the whole, I will definitely use Python as my first language, because it is concise and can directly call the DLL of C. I can use it for numerical calculation, GUI programming and so on. I’m not too familiar with PHP. It seems that there are not many other applications. PHP5 is a whole object-oriented concept, which is very similar to the syntax of Java. Anyone who has studied the C-system language can quickly get started.
Although I love python, Python is not as good as PHP in terms of being an ordinary website.
1. Templates should be used in Python web frameworks, such as jinja2. It’s very similar to PHP. The feeling is to imitate PHP. However, PHP has a special IDE, while Python’s templates have their own way. The syntax is slightly different, and there is no ide. It is not so comfortable to write.
2. Python code plus template code = PHP code. In this way, the development of common web in Python is not as uniform and smooth as PHP.
3. PHP syntax is similar to Java, the recommended interface writing method is suitable for large quantities of code farmers, and large companies will like it.
4. The server overhead of PHP should be smaller than that of Python. PHP servers are easy to find, but there are not many Python servers and even fewer Ruby servers.
Note that I only mean to do ordinary websites. As for the complex logic of data collection and analysis in the background, PHP is not as good as python. But if you are a novice and are struggling to choose Python or PHP to develop websites, in view of the directness and pertinence of PHP (born for the web), I suggest learning PHP. Of course, HTML, JS, CSS are the things we have to understand.