DWQA QuestionsCategory: ServerKafka 0.10 report error on Windows
wxmimperio asked 5 months ago

win7 x64
ZK has been activated
Error starting Kafka with command

kafka-server-start.bat ../../config/server.properties

Error: unable to find or load the main class files / Java / jdk1.7.0_ 80\lib; C:\Program

It’s not a JDK problem. Make sure the JDK is installed correctly. Because other JDK dependent programs can run, including Kafka 0.8 and 0.9

2 Answers
iamzhoug37 answered 5 months ago

I haven’t learned 0.10. I wonder if the JDK address of 0.10 needs to be configured by myself? That is to say, you specify the absolute path of JDK?

logyang answered 5 months ago