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Code_LEE asked 1 month ago

Now I plan to start my self-study of JavaScript on the basis of 0, but I have seen many online tutorials starting from the most abstract concepts such as variables, functions, objects, etc. Is there a better way to learn than this? For example, first look for the ready-made JS and JQ code, and then look back at the underlying logic. The gods give me some advice~

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Light height answered 1 month ago

From the bottom of variables, functions, objects and other relatively abstract concepts, I don’t know what’s the use of learning these, you will learn very boring, Baidu search intelligence agency, watch its free video, 0 basic, don’t talk about boring logic, directly teach you to do very interesting examples, in practice you will find a lot of things you don’t understand, you will naturally go back to learn ecmascrip with great interest The basis of T.
Then go to buy “JavaScript advanced programming”, don’t buy “JavaScript authority guide”, look at two-thirds of the way, you’re basically a rookie from the beginning
Don’t thank me.

Evian answered 1 month ago

If your goal is to “learn JavaScript”, it’s good to follow the footsteps of w3school. Then go to see other people’s code, read MDN, and study W3C documents.
If your goal is “this is a great effect, and I want to make a similar one”, then I don’t object to you directly looking at the existing code.
If your goal is to “create an original, eye-catching page,” refer to the first paragraph. In a word, beautiful effect doesn’t mean beautiful code, and beautiful code doesn’t mean good applicability.

Evian replied 1 month ago

The time saved at the beginning will be paid several times or even more in the future, as long as you go far enough on that road.

Fakefish answered 1 month ago

I used to read rhinoceros Book JS advanced programming in class, and knock code practice after class. I watched it for a semester, and didn’t spend much time. Then I can see most of the effects on the Internet at a glance. When I look at the JQ API, I am very clear about the methods left behind. It’s time to get started.

apprentice1988 answered 1 month ago

Learn codecademy and code school, or codecombat, have a basic understanding, and then read Daniel’s blog. Pay attention to good websites, such as daily JavaScript. If you have nothing to do, practice in chrome dev tools

merb20080511 answered 1 month ago

If there is programming basis of other languages, find a book that summarizes the knowledge structure of JS, and read it from the beginning to the end;
Build the skeleton first, then fill in the code
For the so-called design pattern and code structure related problems, it’s better not to worry about them first. Everyone comes from if… Else… And analyzes your code process on paper before writing code (everyone can think of at least one method for any problem, only some are advanced and some are low-level, so don’t worry about the high and low efficiency of your design process first , can solve the problem), and then use the code to describe your design process (consult the manual immediately in case of any problem you don’t understand). Don’t write the code while designing the program, which is a big taboo for any beginner;
Other people’s code doesn’t have to be useful to you
Looking at other people’s code is indeed a way of learning, but other people’s code styles are quite different, and the thinking of beginners is linear (except for those who have programming experience in other languages), while Daniel’s code is definitely not linear, there will be a variety of packages, abstractions and other non-linear consciousness included in it, so we should not consider flying before we walk smoothly The problem of gallop;
Read a good book
However, we can’t ignore other people’s code… Recommend you a book “JavaScript program advanced programming”, people’s post and Telecommunications Publishing House, read it word by word several times, far more useful than looking at the uneven quality code collected from the Internet. For example, if you want to learn how to make kung pao chicken, you should first spend enough energy to understand the efficacy of soy sauce, vinegar, onion, ginger, garlic and other ingredients, the characteristics of chicken, the impact of different temperatures on the ingredients and so on,Instead of focusing too much on what to do in the first step, or how to put a few spoonfuls of soy sauce, and how to make a picture of a dish more likely to arouse people’s appetite.
When water flows, a channel is formed
Some empirical knowledge can only be truly understood after a certain number of repeated practices. If you give up learning native JS and just skillfully use the framework like jQuery to write programs, you will eventually be overwhelmed by some incomprehensible abnormal problems. On the other hand, some things come naturally. When the knowledge framework of JS in your mind is extremely perfect, you may be surprised to find that jQuery is just a text game played by the author, and the principle is not complicated at all.