DWQA QuestionsCategory: ServerIsn't it difficult for computer majors to learn and develop apps? What skills do you need to master?
Q_ Sugar asked 1 month ago

In school students, did not enter the computer professional, want to learn app development. The original one is too difficult. Is there a simple, low-cost way. I really want to be a programmer in the future, eh
What I know is that the front end needs HTML5 CSS JavaScript
Only need to understand these, can you develop the app you want?

hiYoHoo replied 1 month ago

To tell you the truth, I don’t think as a college student should ask such a question.

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Saiweng answered 1 month ago

I think it’s very important to master the basis of quantity in order to skillfully develop apps according to my idea

  1. JS: recommend a good website,http://jstherightway.org/
    Can be systematic in accordance with the above learning
    The author is very careful to summarize the need to master with JS learning related content
  2. css
    Read more good code:http://www.awwwards.com/best-css-code-snippets-sites.html
    Online editors should practice more by themselveshttp://codepen.io/
  3. You want to develop a hybrid app, so you need to learn phonegap, Cordova, ionic, etc
rain_rain answered 1 month ago

The simplest is mixed development, one-time development of multi platform adaptation. Appcan is the most famous in China. Recently, it is open source and has free training courses. The prospect of app development is very good. Good luck.

fafaqqqq answered 1 month ago

Take a look at the Mui framework, which is a high-performance front-end framework closest to the native app experience.

Yinz answered 1 month ago

What do you mean by app? If it’s a mobile client, the preschool knowledge may be a little detour. I’m not in this direction. I don’t know the details. I’m sorry. But if it is a general application, then there is no problem with the front end. For example, angularjs is a framework based on JavaScript, which is very convenient for the development of web applications. Combined with other UI frameworks, it is also more convenient to develop web applications, that is, the learning cycle is slightly longer, but compared with learning “large” languages such as C + + and Java, the energy and time costs are very low. There is no demand for hard fees. Personally, I didn’t spend a cent on the front end alone. In practice, there are also free ways.
In short, after a preliminary understanding of HTML, CSS and simple JavaScript syntax, you can start from personal small applications.
1. It takes about two days to learn HTML and CSS, understand their concepts, and try to write a page to imitate the style of Baidu’s home page.HTML tutorial of w3school CSS tutorial of w3school
2. Scan the basic JavaScript tutorial to learn the basic syntax for two to three days.
3. Try to use the above simple knowledge to write a web game. It doesn’t matter to imitate the existing games. The key is to realize it by yourself. This is what I did at the timeLittle things. It took me more than a week.
4. When you complete the above content, the front end will be basic, and then you canv2exA kind of front-end websites often browse to expand their horizons. And learn more about other front-end content, such as angularjs I mentioned above.

A billion light-years of talk answered 1 month ago

Learn the language first
Some code
There are many ways to learn a language
And then determine the direction of learning after a little foundation
After a clear direction, you can quickly master a language

Zhugelin answered 1 month ago

React native, write native app with JS