DWQA QuestionsCategory: Development ToolIs there any editor comparable to sublime text2?
She said she likes waves asked 2 months ago

Is there any editor comparable to sublime text2?

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JellyBool answered 2 months ago

GitHub, atom:https://github.com/atom/atom
Lime, it’s said that he is dissatisfied with the charge of sublime. Fredrik ehnbom made this product:https://github.com/limetext/lime(not released yet, please wait)
Coteditor, masterpiece of island developers:https://github.com/coteditor/CotEditor

Simple4Wan answered 2 months ago

Daniel said that there are only two kinds of editors in the world –! VIM & & Emacs! But I can’t use them very well —
http://www.scintilla.org/Scite owners can try it is also a very powerful programmer!

Didn’t I say that my answer above is not reliable? Is it irrigation? Why will this answer be trampled??? Do some people have nothing to do?

Childe answered 2 months ago

Sublime Text 3?
Ha ha… Jokingly… But I think atom or Notepad + + and so on can we try it? Of course, I personally think VIM is also excellent=

billwong answered 2 months ago

only needvimWhat editor is easy to use, of course, because of the differences between people, it is the most important to use it easily and improve your own efficiency. There is no need to compare it with others.

VishKozus answered 2 months ago

PHP is the best language in the world.
Sublime text is the best editor in the world.
PHP is the best language in the world.

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Yian replied 2 months ago

At first, I thought that this was not the answer, so I ignored it. Later, I thought that this question was almost the same as “what language is the best”, so I canceled the neglect

VishKozus replied 2 months ago