DWQA QuestionsCategory: ServerHow to test iPhone on windows?
wmui asked 1 month ago

I don’t have Mac and iPhone. I want to know how to solve debugging problems in the development process. I can’t borrow other people’s mobile phones all the time

3 Answers
Run like the wind answered 1 month ago

Windows installed a virtual machine, the operating system of the virtual machine is OS X operating system. Or install a double system directly, that is, make a black apple. Then install Xcode on OS X, which contains the iPhone emulator.

Hongze answered 1 month ago

You can basically give up without a Mac or iPhone. It’s impossible for a virtual machine to get stuck, and apple doesn’t allow Apple applications to be developed on other machines. Microsoft did it before, and apple sued later

wmui answered 1 month ago

The method given on the first floor is feasible. I have adopted it. After two days of unremitting efforts, I finally succeeded in the configuration, and wrote a tutorial for you to configureConfiguration method
In addition, there is no Mac that can be tested. I believe many people, like me, have no money to buy a Mac when they first enter the workplace. It’s normal that we need to adjust the iPhone occasionally in front-end development. It’s normal if we don’t have a Mac or an iPhone. I believe that people who see this problem will have it sooner or later. Let’s work hard!