DWQA QuestionsCategory: ProgramHow to match subtitles online?
Yuan hehe asked 1 month ago

Suddenly thought of this problem, online search seems to have no results. I personally feel that the hash value is used to match the corresponding video file, but the problem is that for the same movie, different resolutions and different netizen editing versions will lead to many different hash values in the same movie, so how does the playback software achieve accurate matching? thank you

radish replied 1 month ago

What does this problem have to do with C + +?

3 Answers
oraoto answered 1 month ago
  1. Hash matching
  2. If the file name is not matched, it may return multiple file names for users to select. After one user selects, it can record hash and use hash to match other users
  3. Video or audio feature matching can only match the features of the first few minutes, which is similar to listening to songs and recognizing music. It can be regarded as high-level hash matching

Most users are ordinary users, they are looking for ready-made resources instead of editing by themselves, so the first two methods can deal with most situations.

Godbird answered 1 month ago

That’s about it upstairs
I’ll add that the general way of hash matching is to get the first, middle and last bytes of the file and calculate MD5

Xeira answered 1 month ago

Most of them are file names. Different videos correspond to different subtitles. If you search online, you will see that almost every version of a movie corresponds to a subtitle. Basically, if the file names (resolution, production group, version) do not match, the subtitles are out of order