DWQA QuestionsCategory: Development ToolHow to control the version of IIS?
Sornets asked 2 months ago

RT, the server is Alibaba cloud’s Windows Server 2012. How to do version control with IIS + PHP? Look at the Internet and say that IIS can’t use SVN

Lex_Li replied 2 months ago

The problem itself is not clear. Do you want to set up a version control software on IIS, or do you need to use version control software to manage code for your PHP website on IIS?

2 Answers
xiaoyao9184 answered 2 months ago

Speaking of Mao, IIS is a web server. Version control is the whole source code version control. You should control your PHP version. Specifically, you should integrate version control in your ide
PS: PHP is the best language

Sornets replied 2 months ago

What about version control in IDE. =

whyreal answered 2 months ago

IIS is webserver and SVN is version management. Theoretically speaking, there is no relationship between them. However, the hook mechanism (post) of SVN can be used_ Commit), automatically co code in SVN to doc root of IIS