DWQA QuestionsCategory: Development ToolHow many friends with VIM as the main editor? What makes you choose to abandon other editors?
_wow_ asked 2 months ago

If it’s not server programming, why abandon GUI editing tools?

Wenci replied 2 months ago

Why are there so many negative votes? I think it’s a question to ask.

8 Answers
dejam answered 2 months ago

Mainly want to use less mouse, mouse hand pain

laminux29 answered 2 months ago

Because vs is the strongest ide in the solar system, you can’t think that those who use Notepad and VIM are stupid, even if you think so.
Everyone has his own hobbies and habits, you must respect, love and pity those people.

kakegu answered 2 months ago

At the beginning, I also used vim. From installing B to being really proficient, I felt that the operation was simple and programming was OK. I gradually felt that if it was not suitable for a project without plug-ins, I used sublime and then started VIM mode, which was simple and practical

The programming of life like a dream answered 2 months ago

VIM for servers (no other choice, and it’s powerful)
Using sublime on Windows
Both vim and sublime are getting better and better, perfectly integrated, and have become a part of me

00ing answered 2 months ago

Code prompt function
Ease of plug-in installation
Go to sublime

God's tail answered 2 months ago

PHPStormLet me concentrate on writing code.

springhack answered 2 months ago

Black apple uses 60g solid state, which is too small, so I try not to load anything. In addition, I have commonly used devices

ultimanecat answered 2 months ago

Because Emacs is waiting for you to become proficient in vim. The advantage of Emacs is to use LISP language to customize plug-ins. Have GUI version.