DWQA QuestionsCategory: ProgramHow confused are freshmen and sophomores about Python practice?
kjhlafa asked 1 month ago

The subject is a CS undergraduate student from a non famous university. Now he is in some confusion. He wants to ask some enthusiastic segment fault netizens. Because it’s not a 985 / 211 school. I feel that the style of study in the school where the subject is located is very bad. The first is that the overall level is too low. At the end of a semester, few people in the class can write a chain list in C language. The second is that the ACM school team is also of no value. The C9 students like to go to the school with the membrane. But our schools have become a kind of atmosphere of mutual membrane, very I can’t learn anything of value.
In fact, I learned Java EE at the beginning. At that time, I also used hibernate and struts to make some XX management systems. Later, I wanted to make a small website, learn Django, and then enter python. Maybe I didn’t study in-depth JVM. I didn’t pay attention to the cross platform and large-scale project advantages of Java. Later, I thought I liked Python better. So I spent the first half of this semester learning P Ython. Until later, brush Zhihu saw some CS learning lists listed by big V and Wang Yinda’s blog. In December, he went to learn scheme and assembly, gave up Java and python, and was going to learn C + + after seeing brother Rouge’s class opened a few days ago.
Now that 2016 is about to pass, I’m also rethinking myself, and I feel that I can’t go on like this. Otherwise, when I’m in my senior year, I know a little about everything, but I’m not proficient in anything, but job hunting in China is classified according to the language,So I think I should choose to specialize in one direction. Now I think I still choose pythonWell, because of Java, the four frameworks are too heavy to use, while learning Python can do some small projects by yourself.
Because the style of study is not good, anyway, what I am learning now is self-study, and the school has not provided me any help,I want to start from winter vacation to specialize in Python, and then go to internship in summer vacation
About internship, I want to ask the segment fault netizens. I’m seeing other people’s lists. I think it will take me at least 1 / 2 year to finish the algorithm problems, CSAPP, skip, dragon book. But I often see some netizens on segmentfault / V2EX go to work after 3 / 4 months of learning (mainly front-end / Java), and they can still earn tens of thousands of yuan a year after working. I think it’s incredible. I’ve learned the four frameworks of Java EE in a few months, nodejs / react / angular. I think it’s possible,But it’s not that the most important part of the interview is the algorithm problem?It seems that many of them don’t even know the basic sorting algorithm. I have collected a lot of Java scripts. Almost every script really says that it is important to understand the algorithm, and it is necessary for leetcode to brush questions.I don’t have any social experience, and I don’t have any disdain. Except for bat / Netease, do they really interview ordinary Internet companies without algorithm questions? But why do almost all of them emphasize algorithmic problems?In addition, I think some training institutions like shangxuetang have only Java EE framework learning in their training institutions’ learning plans, without any related algorithm learning. What’s the matter?
Now, after looking at the cases that these netizens got offer in a few months, I think I can learn everything now. What’s the use of learning cool things like compilation principles / LISP? Because it’s not a famous school, you can only fill in one language post when you go to work / internship and submit your resume. It’s really not worth it. So now we plan to specialize in Python. At the same time, we also find that only Python is the project in GitHub, for example, the author of requests library. Brother bird is also specialized in PHP. Although Python is Tucao as glue language, because entry is really easy, but I feel that if I learn well, if I can make some contribution to GitHub project, it is also very good. Although Java EE wants to abandon the spring / spring MVC after learning it, it feels that it doesn’t like the ethos of the school more and more. In the long run, it won’t make progress. It wants to leave this place earlier,Anyway, now CS four open classes / coursera / stackoverflow have all kinds of resources, so you can practice listening well and learn CS core courses again in your internship. I think I love CS very much (only the school atmosphere is too bad). In the future, I will not only write business code to meet the current situation, or I will relearn the basic knowledge to develop on a larger platform.
It’s written that it seems that it’s deviated. The next question is to ask if some segmentfault webpages can recommend somePython internship company? I have a good way to fight. For internships, some of the recruitment requirements I see seem to require junior / senior to go. Can freshmen / sophomores have a precedent? At present, there are three companies that use Python in China: Zhihu, Douban, scallop. In terms of framework, Zhihu is tornado, scallop is Django, Douban is self-made wheel, but it doesn’t matter. I can learn all about it. Bat basically enrolls 985 students. We don’t have much hope for this kind of undergraduate course, and we don’t have any hope because of our age. There is no problem with internship salary / workplace, as long as you can find a place to exercise.

The description is a bit confusing. The main questions I want to ask are:

  1. The person who can get the internship offer by self-study for a few months before graduation, is it true that he doesn’t test the algorithm during the interview?
  2. In addition to Zhihu / Douban / scallop, where can I go for Python internship next summer vacation? Any place, accept freshmen / sophomores.
  3. Repeat the second question: what specific Internet companies are available?

If it’s a Java internship, it still has a certain foundation. There are six months to go before next summer vacation. I will also do something to enrich GitHub’s repo.
Please leave a message or private message, thank you very much!

Updated on December 31, 2016
Go back to CS, practice English more than coursera / stackoverflow, the last day of 2016, I realized my further failure.
My friend in the same situation,We can enrich GitHub to make up for the lack of Education, if you want to be more utilitarian, Python is more likely to increase the number of stars than other languages. A bad style of study is not an excuse. It’s the same with practicing English well in the open classes of four famous schools.
@huangzhuolin’s answer is very rational and my current development path is the same. @ loli control Tucao Mian’s answer is not entirely agreed, but his dialogue with @prozsh has made me benefit a lot.

Updated on January 1, 2017
After some summary, my problem lies entirely in the inferiority complex of non famous schools. Except for some well-known companies, such as bat / Netease / Jingdong / Xinmei / Douban / Zhihu, who think that other companies are not companies, they are worried that they can’t enter. Maybe even if they enter some small companies at the beginning, it’s no big deal. As one of the respondents downstairs said, education will gradually fade with work, and it is impossible to be a programmer who writes code all his life. Investment in other aspects is also very important. I lack social experience to have some of the above wrong ideas. Besides, my education is not so bad, and 10% – 20% is not so desperate.
Thank you for your attention / private letter / answer. This type of question belongs to the catharsis of the subject’s personal emotion. Different people have different experiences, and the answer can’t be fully believed. Moreover, compared with other posts, programmers have strong desire to reply and express on the Internet due to lack of communication.
This number is equivalent to logout. It is suggested that the administrator close this type of problem, which is misleading to others。 I wish you a happy new year, learn English well and lay a good foundation for CS,Don’t follow the trend. Mr. Zeng and Mr. bo have taught me a lot. Programmers are not so naive。 Besides programming alone, there are many other wonderful things in real life. If it’s not a hobby, there may be many better ways to make money than working for others in the era of netred. Fixed programmer thinking is terrible.
A God told me that even if a company like segment fault has a good intention, the level of active responder is not very high. In such a domestic environment, even if the traffic of beginners and Party members like me has been temporarily increased, it is difficult to find a better way to make profits and attract real experts. It’s better for programmers to know how to make money with wechat. There are few people or companies that really play with technology in China, so they should practice English well and go to stack overflow to get the free answer from the God without paying IQ tax,I’m saying this in the hope that segment fault will shut me down
This number is equivalent to cancellation

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Bo College answered 1 month ago

100 + copies of segmentfaultAnswer masterIt seems more than I thought. The subject owner should adhere to the original plan to learn C + + from Microsoft engineers, and then take the introduction course of algorithm for garlic counters for free with excellent results. The professional courses here should be almost the same. Learn English by laughing and contact Qin Shihuang to help you push it to FB, and then you can talk with Zeng (before that, the subject owner is suggested to go to ten thousand universities first It’s better to finish undergraduate physics in one month), and finally wait for the moment when the global synchronous suicide instrument is developed.
Insert advertisement: the new year is coming. In order to give back to the people who failed, Mr. Zeng’s life, which cost 100 million yuan, is now free with one kiss.

fish answered 1 month ago

It’s still terrible to have this awareness in freshmen and sophomores. Algorithm, how to say, I think the bottom code Porter can feel the use of algorithm after that, but most of the development is still in the bottom stage, of course I am, so I think if you want to learn python, it’s important to learn the language itself first

zakufish answered 1 month ago

I am the same age as the landlord. I just finished my sophomore year and worked as an intern in the research and Development Department of NASDAQ Sydney.
Let me answer each question one by one:
1) I am abroad, here is the basic interview algorithm data structure, and system design ability. It’s said that it’s the same in China. In addition to my friends in bat, I also have a vote in promising Internet companies – many of the technical backbones of these companies are from Silicon Valley, and I attach great importance to these aspects. After all, basic skills determine the upper and lower limits of your ability.
2) Now I mainly write back-end. The technology is python, Perl and so on. Although it’s unlikely that the subject will come to practice abroad with a visa (in fact, there are British interns in the company), I have learned from my internship that many domestic and foreign financial technology companies choose Python as their main development language. There are many quantitative investment platforms in Shanghai. You can think about it.
3) In addition to the above-mentioned quantitative investment platform, I have a friend who interns in Splunk, with a daily subsidy of 300 yuan. If you have confidence in yourself, you can try it.
Then I don’t want to give chicken soup: school is really important. But the importance will decrease with the increase of your working time. During school, you can also use GitHub to make up for the disadvantages the school gives you.
In fact, in a good school, the most important thing is to meet excellent people; in a general school, people are likely to become mediocre. But the landlord has realized the problem.
Come on.

huangzhuolin answered 1 month ago

This year’s graduating brother Shi replied angrily.

  1. First of all, it’s not 985. I don’t know more than you though I’m 985
  2. Don't just look at the present, make a long-term plan。 I know you want to master some hard skills that can be used for work at once, but if you ignore the learning of basic knowledge now, you will soon reach the bottleneck of your promotion after work. During my college life, I wanted to master all kinds of solid foundations of CS. I wanted to thoroughly understand the data structure and algorithm, computer principle, network principle, etc. don’t ask why I was in tears.
  3. I like Python as much as you do, but it’s better to know some Python data structures and the underlying implementation of the library, and know what I want to do. Language is just a tool to help us realize our ideas
  4. Maintain your own GitHub and blog. A good GitHub repo is much more useful than a 985 diploma
  5. Be sure to use English and Google. If you have English books, don’t read Chinese ones
kute answered 1 month ago

Thinking and ability to solve problemsThat’s what we need to hone (from the many questions raised on SF, we can see that many people don’t think much, don’t practice, and don’t search for answers)
I dare not say too much. I’m afraid I’ll miss you