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Adam_Niu asked 8 months ago

My situation is: I have programming experience of C \ C + + \ python, and I can’t use Java. I’m a junior at the beginning of school, and I want to earn some money from Android Development (hehe)
Please ask you what books are good for getting started, how is the learning process (learn java first or Android directly), what are the things to learn and so on ~ other things can’t be remembered for a while
I always feel that learning Java and Android is not as good as other languages. For example, python, find a quick tutorial, find a book, write more small programs for your own use, and learn Django. I feel that the basic part of learning is almost the same. But what about Android?

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Hou Xi Yang answered 8 months ago

Now Android development is hard to earn money..
Forget this. If you really want to learn Android development, it’s not difficult to learn some basic java knowledge, understand the basic syntax, and understand the inheritance interface. It’s not too much if you read a bookJava 2 core technology Volume IThe first six chapters are OK. The rest is the Android Developer website. If you don’t know, check the documents.
The final thing is to write by hand. Write it and you will.
I wish the subject owner earn money as soon as possible ~

Mingmingsang answered 8 months ago

Android is also very simple. Since the owner has the programming experience of C \ C + + \ python, the basic syntax of programming language and the object-oriented idea should all be there. So learn java first, learn the difference between Java syntax and other languages, as well as some common APIs in Java, and learn the Java foundation. After that, you can learn Android, mainly UI design, and some Android APIs. You can go to the official Android Developer website, or Baidu for Android tutorials. There are many. There are examples in the Android SDK. You can watch those who follow to do some programming.

riverfor answered 8 months ago

You can install qpython and use qpython to develop Python on Android

androidyue answered 8 months ago

Just sorted out nine books that you should read as a java programmer. You can choose your own books to read. I believe it will help.http://droidyue.com/blog/2014/11/30/java-programmer-must-read-these-9-books/