DWQA QuestionsCategory: BlockchainHard disk size after ETH fast synchronization node
pengttyy asked 2 years ago

Want to know the size of the hard disk occupied by the chain nodes of the Ethernet block after synchronization, it seems to see 150G before, I don’t know if it is right, the current synchronization size is 131G and can only synchronize 1G a day, according to this speed, it will take 20 days to synchronize!!
Can synchronized people have a look at the total size of synchronization?

3 Answers
luCW answered 2 years ago

This size is not fixed, after all, the ETF has been running, the height has been refreshed. Blocks are always synchronized and their size naturally changes.
This can only estimate the total size of the current block height.

Tai bin answered 2 years ago

From the original synchronization is very slow, you can directly find other people exist in the disk after the synchronization of files, on the basis of others to synchronize.
Fast synchronization is just synchronization, it will not execute transactions, but will synchronize all the States (databases) on other nodes, instead of synchronizing all transactions to execute transactions and generate local databases.

timeshi answered 2 years ago

How big is fast synchronization now?