DWQA QuestionsCategory: Development ToolGit Bash can't connect to remote warehouse through proxy server under Windows. Solution
lingfeng_498150 asked 6 months ago

Problem Description:
1. Uses the company’s computer, has the domain, and must use the proxy server to connect to the Internet, the proxy server needs to authenticate the username and password.
2. Git will receive HTTP code 407 from proxy after configuring http. proxy and https. proxy, and the same after setting the domain.
git config –global http.proxy http://username:[email protected]:port
git config –global https.proxy http://username:[email protected]:port
git config –global http.proxy http://DOMAINX8X\username:[email protected]:port
git config –global https.proxy http://DOMAINX9X\username:[email protected]:port
3. Eclipse can successfully connect to the warehouse by using Egit to set up proxy mode as Native, but do not want to use Egit, all kinds of discomfort.
Has anyone ever encountered this kind of problem?
In addition, some colleagues in the company use the Eclipse Aptana plug-in and Terminal provided by the Aptana plug-in can also use Git command in Eclipse, but once I install the plug-in here, Eclipse will not be connected to the Internet. Whether the agent is set manually by Native or Manual, it prompts the need for HTTP Proxy authentication.

Hegel_Gu replied 6 months ago

Ask your AD administrator for help. If you want to answer this question, you have to assume the situation in N…