DWQA QuestionsCategory: ProgramDoes Hex support audio tags?
Dead month asked 4 weeks ago

Such as the title.
I have a piece of code, it can be pronounced normally in the browser, but once it is put in HEX, there is no sound. Is it my fault or a bug?

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Dead month answered 4 weeks ago

Apparentlynode-webkitOfwikiI found the answer, but I’m not sure.HexIs it also because of this reason? But I’ve cached the project.node-webkitAnd this problem has been solved.
In general, becausemp3What they coded was copyrighted, so they didn’t compile it. If you need this feature, compile that by yourselflibffmpegsumoOr go straightChromeCopy it in the corresponding version.node-webkit 0.9.2Version-specificChromeThe version is32

Dead month replied 4 weeks ago

Anyway, you can steal it. The author of node-webkit also said you can go to Chrome and get it. I took it and tried it. It’s really ready to play. If you find 32 DLLs hard to find, here are:https://github.com/XadillaX/zhaofuliReader/tree/master/dll

A little sunshine answered 4 weeks ago

Here may be the answers and solutions you need:https://github.com/rogerwang/node-webkit/issues/1423