DWQA QuestionsCategory: ProgramCan you skip JQ and learn react JS directly after learning js?

I have learned HTML + CSS + js. Recently, a mobile project suggested react is more appropriate. I want to ask if I can learn and use react directly without mastering jquery.
Please give me some advice.
Can you skip JQ and learn react JS directly after learning js?

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Deen answered 2 weeks ago

JQ has nothing to do with react. If you want to use react, it doesn’t matter whether you learn JQ or not.
But I suggest that we should learn JQ first if we are not rushing to do the project but improving ourselves. JQ covers a lot of JS programming ideas, some of the underlying functions of how to achieve, can be learned through jq. Underlying DOM operations like angular 1. X are also JQ references. JQ is more like a basic skill. Reaction angular Vue front-end frameworks emerge in endlessly, as angular, which was very popular last year, seems to be quiet this year. Who can tell how long react will last, so I suggest not skip jq. Other frameworks may not be learned, but JQ must be looked at.

Angry Xiaobai answered 2 weeks ago

Listen to me and never ask.
How do I learn x?
Do I have to learn x first?
Do I have to learn the basis of X before I study x?
How about skipping X and learning y?
These questions are all a waste of your time, including your relying on your temper to read my nonsense. Just do it!
This is the best time to learn whatever you want, and everyone else is learning just like you. Especially when new technology goes out, everyone is on the same starting line. Ask about the time to learn, and then you will find out, what are the internal principles of these things, and what are they useful to me? What new points does it have, what scenarios it fits in, and how does it help my career? Is it helpful to life? Maybe it can change your mind, maybe it’s just a tool.
I have a few more personal comments:
First, first of all, find out why you want to learn it, interest, job needs, or study technology? Or do you have the same problem and want to find a solution in it?
Second, after you know why you are learning, you may need to arrange your plan. You just want to understand its idealization. You don’t need to pay too much attention to the details of grammar implementation. If you become an expert, you need to explore every detail in depth. There’s always something new coming out. If you don’t know why you want to learn or expand your technology stack quickly, then you need to calm down and imagine why, at least, you’re interested.

jsven answered 2 weeks ago

I have learned some knowledge about automobiles. Now I want to go to Volkswagen to find a job. Should I go to Toyota for an internship first?

Free learning Designer answered 2 weeks ago

Yes, jQuery mainly encapsulates and simplifies DOM operations, while react JS encapsulates virtual dom. There is no dependency between the two, of course, if you are familiar with JS itself.

zkimyes replied 2 weeks ago

It would be better to familiarize yourself with DOM programming and look at these two things again. After all, it’s all based on the JavaScript DOM API.

How can I tell if I am familiar with the JS itself or what common training I need?

tommyZZM answered 2 weeks ago

Yes, jQuery has nothing to learn. And JQ is seldom used in actual projects.
However, common native APIs (DOM operations, XMLHttpRequest (ajax), etc.) should be familiar with